Week in Review: Sept. 18-24

I’m fairly certain I’ve never run 10 miles for a mid-week run until this week. It’s truly amazing what you can do when you put your mind to something. While that might not seem like a big deal to some, running 10 on wednesday and 13 on Friday was a pretty big deal for me! I’ve been so lucky this training cycle with avoiding injuries. I’ve been sore at times, but have gotten through it with stretching, ice, compression socks post-run (and lately I’ve been wearing them during some runs) and some kinesiology tape. Nothing that has kept me from running, which is straight up crazy to me considering my past with injuries. I’m not sure what has been the key to that this time, but I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing as it seems to be working!

Here’s a run down of this week…

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – 5.6 miles total (10 min. w/up, 3x1600m with 400m recovery, 10 min. c/down). I was so tired when I got up this morning. Not really excited about running. And I nearly bust out laughing when I saw the workout my training plan had for me today. During our long run, I told my husband that I hoped we weren’t doing mile repeats on Monday haha! But hey! I survived. AND there are some signs of fall color happening, which made it a bit better :).

Tuesday – Biked 40 minutes. 15 min. easy, 10 min. tempo, 15 minutes easy. I usually like the bike workouts that have more intervals in them, but this one wasn’t bad today.

Wednesday – Ran 10 miles on the treadmill because it was stormy outside (10:20 pace — my plan wanted me to do 10:18, but this was the closest I could get on the treadmill). My treadmill times out after 99:59, so I had to quick stop and re-start to finish out the run. This brought me back to last year’s marathon training and being stuck on it for 16/17 mile runs in the winter and dealing with that re-start issue. There has to be a treadmill that doesn’t do this?!? I need to find out so I can replace mine when it dies with one that doesn’t have a time limit lol.

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Ran 13.1 miles at 10:21 pace (a little faster than we were supposed to 😮, but it didn’t feel like we were pushing it too bad). It was crazy humid out and I swear it was raining a few times during the run….but no, just some thick air 😂! My husband said to me, “I think back to what you said to me about any race is hard, no matter the distance. It’s so true.” He was just saying that running deals a lot with mind over matter. You just have to tell yourself ‘I am not tired. I am strong. I can do this.’ I felt the same at mile 6 as I did mile 18 last week, as far as fatigue goes. And basically felt the same for all of this run too. It’s all hard. It’s a challenge. But, man does it feel good to finish!

Saturday -Biked 55 minutes. 10 min. easy; 8x (1 min. hard, 4 min. easy); 5 min. easy. Our garage sale was slow, so I had my hubby hang out in the garage while I got my cross training in. The sale ended up being fairly successful as we got rid of most of our big furniture that we didn’t want to bring with us for our move this fall. Side note, the ‘pick-up’ lady at school that releases your kids to you had her hair like this on Friday and I had to ask how she did it haha! Nice change from a traditional braid :).IMG_1034.JPG

Do you have a treadmill? Or do you use one at a gym? Do you know if it has a “max time limit” on it before it re-sets? I need some recommendations for some that don’t have a time limit.

This coming week is going to be a HUGE week. Wish me luck as I attempt a challenging speed work run, another long tempo, and a 20 mile long run along with two cross-training sessions. Have a great week everyone!


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