Race Re-cap: Mackinac Island 8 Mile Run

When your birthdate and age are the same number, they say it’s your ‘golden’ birthday. So, does that mean this race was my ‘golden’ 8 mile? 😂 Just ran around Mackinac Island for my 8th time. I love this race and our time on the island!

We arrived in Mackinac City on Friday at about 1:30pm and caught an unscheduled ferry departure, so we got over to the island a little earlier than we expected. So that was nice!

We picked up our race packets and did some shopping there. I got a Run Michigan racerback tank, which I love! I have two similar long sleeve shirts so it was nice to see the this one there. I also got the matching refrigerator magnet. We had dinner at Round Island Bar & Grill like we usually do after picking up our packets.
When we got back to the hotel I set out my race day gear. 

Friday afternoon we were all feeling a little relieved about the weather forecast. At one time there was thunderstorms predicted for the time of the race, so just seeing rain in the time we’d be racing was great! My husband ended up running 8 miles on the island at 5am on Saturday because the forecast was wrong. He was going to start a little later to avoid the storms. 

Before the race as everyone gathered near the starting line, I saw this runner in a funny t-rex costume and a tutu! I had to snap a picture. IMG_0551.JPG

The race started at about 9:30am and the weathermen weren’t accurate with the forecast. Zero rain during the race and no thunderstorms all weekend. We had some rain later in the afternoon after the race, but nothing that was bad enough to ‘rain on our parade’ ;). Sorry, I couldn’t help myself there haha!

My favorite part of the race is the beginning when you run through the middle of downtown. It’s so cute and never gets old running through there.DCIM100GOPROG0174676.

I was still struggling with some bad allergies on the island, but I was feeling a lot better compared to a few nights before we left. I don’t think it really affected my race day performance at all.

There were 3 water stations and I walked through the last 2 to get a cup of water and dump one over my head. It felt weird to not have the hydration pack. And honestly, I’m probably going to take it next time. The first water station was so crowded I completely missed it! They said the water stations were every 2 miles, but the first one was around 1.38-ish. I can’t remember how close to mile 4 the second station fell, but the last one was a little after mile 6.

The day before the race I woke up with a weird pinched nerve feeling in my knee. Thankfully race day I felt great! I didn’t have any issues during the race other than fatigue, of course.

Keeping it real here…when I crossed the finish line my first reaction was to be a little disappointed because I knew I missed my PR and I knew it was not by much. I was happy to see that finish line though! Even though it is a challenge when you push yourself, and I know I had ‘race face’ going on most of the time, it really was a fun run.img_0700


Official results revealed I was 2 seconds slower this year, so I missed the PR by a mere 3 seconds!2016mack8mileresults.JPG My mom put it in perspective for me though. The weather last year for the race was pretty ideal. This year it was really humid and warmer. So that being said, I am proud of this finish! It might not be what I wanted, but I know I’m stronger to be able to come so close to that time in rougher conditions.

I can’t help but think that the humidity had something to do with the fact that one of only three vehicles (EMS, the others are  a garbage truck and a fire truck) on the island were transporting a race participant off the course. 😳 That was the first time I ever saw EMS out for the race in all the years we’ve been there for it. 

Here’s my #messyhairdontcare post-race photo. I had to take a selfie with the big freighter in the background. It was huuuge!

After I finished, I watched my mom, dad and grandpa come in. This was my 83 year old grandpa’s last time doing this race. He decided to “retire” from the distance and start looking for 5k’s. I admire the fact that he is still setting goals and always striving to be the best he can be. I know this decision was a tough one for him.

A little while after grandpa came in the the kids race started. There was a 1/4 mile and a 1/2 mile race. My daughter decided she wanted to do the 1/2 mile, so my husband started the race with her and I finished it with her. She got really motivated when she saw the finish line and booked it to her medal :). She did great! I love the photos we got of her during the race. She had a big smile on her face and was pumping her arms. At least one is going in a frame for sure! Here’s a picture of the 1/4 milers. The “Cat Lady” rides her bike to lead the kids in both races.IMG_0569.JPG She’s great! She also leads the kids in a ‘warm-up’ before the run to get the kids excited and their muscles ready.

It was another great weekend up there. I look forward to our next visit! 🙂 If you haven’t done one of the races on Mackinac Island and you live in the area, I highly suggest you look into it! http://www.runmackinac.com

Do you have children? Have they gotten into running kids races? I’m happy my daughter is enjoying these little races. This was her 4th race. I’ve enjoyed running races with my mom, and I sure hope some day my little one will still enjoy running and we can run together too!


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