Week in Review: Aug.28 – Sept.3

Hellooooo September!! I love September! So many wonderful things happen every September! My husband and I’s anniversary, the Mackinac 8 Mile race weekend, and the first day of fall to name a few :).

Here’s how I finished out August and September started…

Sunday – Biked 30 minutes of hard/easy effort intervals. I had my bike maxed out at highest gear going 25/26mph for the hard efforts (which is really stinkin’ fast for me!). I don’t always ride in the big/high gears though. Some days I focus on low gears and high turnover. I think both have their benefits. Cross training I think is really important in training for long distance races, and I really like the bike workouts I’ve been doing.

Monday – Ran 5.2 miles. 1 mile easy warm-up + 2x1600m with 60 second recovery + 2x800m with 60 second recovery + 1 mile cool down. The summer heat and humidity has returned! I walked during the recovery periods instead of easy running because it was so sticky out there. These are still really hard for me, but I feel like I am getting stronger at them.

Tuesday – Nice easy 40 min. bike (20 min. easy, 5 tempo, 15 easy). I didn’t feel very photo inspired, so no pic today ;).

Wednesday – Rest day.

Thursday – Ran 6 miles on the treadmill – 1 easy, 4 at MP, 1 easy. My quads were a little sore today, so I was happy this tempo run wasn’t a ‘short tempo’ pace run! My day was NUTS! I ended up spending a good chunk of it at my parents house because we had a bunch of showings for our house. This real estate market is crazy right now! I was literally approving showing requests while running on the treadmill lol!

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – Ran 16 miles up at the cottage. We ran a mix of dirt and paved roads for this one. The first 5 were mostly dirt and a good chunk of it was fairly deep sand so our feet were slipping backwards every step. I was really happy when it changed over to hard packed dirt. We stopped at mile 5 and 11 for “fuel” (aka pitted dates). My hubby’s hydration pack doesn’t have the front pouches on it, and he can manage getting them out of the side pocket but can’t put them back on his own mid-run.We ended up running right past a finish line area for a little local race in town, which I think was around mile 8 for us. We were talking about doing this race at one point, but decided to just stick with our training plan since I have the 8 mile race next weekend. There were a few little groups of people cheering alongside the road so that made it fun! We also ended up running with a lady for maybe a mile who was camping in town. Nice surprising way to break up the run.

Phew! I made it through another week. Next weekend we have the race, so no increase in weekend mileage but we’ll jump to 18 the following week. Our training plan has us going down to 12, so we’ll be a few miles off. Not too worried about that though. I may end up adjusting my weekday workouts though so I’m not too burned out for the race. Getting super excited for next weekend!


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