Week in Review: Aug. 21-27

What?! It’s almost September? How can that be?! Summer always goes by so quickly. Here’s how this week played out…

Sunday – Biked 50 minutes. 10 min. easy + 6 x (2 min. hard, 3 min. easy) + 10 min. easy. I got downstairs to watch the Olympic Men’s Marathon in the morning and got my bike in during the beginning of that. That was so awesome to see! I felt so awful for Meb with his stomach issues, but what a great guy and amazing athlete. I love that he played off his slip by the finishline with some push-ups! haha USA represented well with a Bronze for Galen Rupp  and 6th for Jared Ward.IMG_9960.jpg

Monday – Ran 7.04 miles. 2x (6×400) with 90 sec. RI. and 2:30 recovery between sets (which ended up being about 50 seconds longer because I screwed up programming my watch…No, I most definitely didn’t mean to say ‘run 400 miles’ lol! That was supposed to say meters on that second set. Eeek!)

Tuesday – Biked 40 minutes in the morning before heading to the fair with my daughter. 20 min. easy, 10 min. tempo, 10 min. easy. 

Wednesday – Rest day. ‘A’ and I went out to pick-out the master bathroom shower door and some other new house details in the morning and decided to go to Grand Haven to walk on the pier for probably the last time before construction begins on it. Well, we got out there and the storm had moved in faster than I thought it would. So, definitely no pier walking. But, we did get a great wave show. Do you see the guy surfing in the picture? There were two guys out there, so that was fun to watch. We headed back to where we parked and the rain just started…talk about good timing! 🙂

Thursday – Ran 6 miles on the treadmill and refueled with my green protein smoothie. 1 mile easy, 4 miles at short tempo (9:13), 1 mile easy.IMG_0077.JPG

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – My awesome parents asked if our daughter could have a sleepover Friday night instead of us dropping her off there in the morning. It worked out great because we decided to get out earlier to beat the thunderstorms (seriously, what’s with all the storms lately?!). We set our alarm for 4:10AM and were out running by 5:10AM!We ran 15 miles (10:28 pace) around town. Faster than our plan wanted (supposed to shoot for 10:48), but I couldn’t see my watch because it was so dark out and I didn’t want to have to keep pressing the illuminate button to see my pace. Not only that but I’m definitely not used to running when it’s dark, so judging distance was really difficult. So, we just went for ‘easy feel’ and that’s what it ended up at.
It was so great being done before 8AM! I felt like the day was so long…and I wanted lunch at 10AM haha!

What time of day do you typically get your runs/workouts in? When I was training for the tri last year, I would do my bike and/or run in the morning and swim when my husband was home at night. It was so hard to drag myself to the pool at night! Once I was there, it was fine and I could have stayed there forever…but I tend to lose motivation in the evening so getting it done earlier is definitely preferred.


4 thoughts on “Week in Review: Aug. 21-27

  1. I’m really sad for Meb because this is his last Olympics. I wish it could’ve been a triumph for him, but his positive attitude no matter the hurdles is what makes him such an amazing running icon.

    I’m so glad we finally got the US a marathon medal!!

    Nice week! You’re killing your workouts consistently!


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