Week in Review: Aug.7-13

It’s Thursday already? Oops! I intended on posting this on Sunday, but life has been crazy! Anyway, this past week had some rough workouts. I felt like I wasn’t going to make it through two of them 😜. But, I’m pretty pleased with how training is going! I know we can’t control the weather, so I’m just doing my best in it when I can get outside and off the treadmill.

Sunday – 45 minutes of indoor cycling. 10 easy, 15 tempo, 5 easy, 10 tempo, 5 easy.

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – Sweaty mess after my speed work.  6.25 miles total (2×1200 at 8:34 pace with 400RI + 4×800 at 8:20 pace with 400RI + 1.75 total of warm up and cool down). I was so tired from not sleeping well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through this.
Wednesday – 35 minutes of easy paced cycling + a 3 mile walk.

Thursday – I had another one of those awful nights of minimal sleeping (seriously, what’s up with that?!). I was laughing at the pics I got from this run because I could tell just by looking at them that I only got a few hours of sleep. It was SO HOT and humid out. This was a rough one. I was supposed to do 1 easy, 5 at mid-tempo (9:27), 1 easy. I ended up cutting the middle down to 4 miles and the last tempo mile was uggggly! I cannot wait for 50 degree temperatures!

Friday – Rest day. Check out what just got delivered to our new house!! AHH cannot wait to soak in there after long runs :).

Saturday – Ran 14 miles by my in-laws cottage. It felt more like a swim lol. The humidity was insane. It was foggy! I struggled through this one. We did even more elevation gain this long run than last week, which I don’t know how great of an idea that was considering the weather.I felt over heated and at mile 10 we stopped back at the cottage so this could happen… It felt so great! No sprinklers to run through up there, so it had to happen 😂.

How are you all surviving this heat & humidity?! Side note, I got some wicked abrasions under my arms from this run (and actually the one last week too). It’s just from skin on skin rubbing from moving my arms — not clothing or hydration pack related, which I was kind of surprised about. I finally bought some Body Glide and will try it out on Saturday. Has anyone had rubbing there? Did Body Glide do the trick? Other suggestions? I’m really surprised I’m having this issue because I’ve never had any issues with chaffing, blisters, or anything until now.

I hope you’re having a great week!


3 thoughts on “Week in Review: Aug.7-13

  1. I swear by Aquaphor for chafing. I’ve had many episodes of chafing, but this does the trick. It’s heals it up if you already have chafing, but it’s the best prevention too! I put it anywhere I have any rubbing. I have tubs of it at home and in my gym bag so I’m never without it!

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