Thoughts From My Long Run

Forgive me for the lack of photos on this one…almost didn’t post it now because I had nothing haha! On Saturday my husband and I went down in miles for marathon #2 training (14 down to 10, per the plan). But, we increased the pace a bit more than the suggested pacing. I learned/realized a lot during this run. Forgive me as I wrote this with pretty free-flowing thoughts…


  • My hydration pack love is strong ;)! I love having Nuun/water and fuel/nutrition on the go (and a place to put my phone) without having to hold it all. It’s been so great the past few months!
  • We had a little breeze that picked up part way through and it provided a little relief from the heat.
  • We got out in the morning well before the storms hit!
  • My husband is so encouraging when it gets tough, not just today’s run but every time we run together and I start hurting. Nothing beats the support of family!
  • I promise this is a positive, even though it won’t start that way. Our goal was MP, but I wanted to run at MP (10:18 — NOT what I plan to actually run the marathon at!) and feel like I could increase my pace a lot and still feel good. Why? Because I have an 8 mile race in a few weeks and to PR I need to top 1:17:57 (9:44 pace). Although we kept a good pace, I felt like it was a struggle. I began to dwell on it during the run. And then when I hit stop and save on my watch when we hit 10 miles, I had a moment of clarity. It’s obvious I’m not a “fast” runner, but I couldn’t even imagine running 10 miles at 10:11 a few years ago. I have come a long way, and I will keep working at improving — because it makes me happy! We all have hard runs that might get us in a negative head space, but those runs that feel effortless or even finishing a tough run knowing that I gave it my all really does bring me joy. I felt much happier when I looked at the big picture. A PR might not be in the cards for me this year, as training for an 8 mile and a marathon are quite different! But, I will still try.

The Not-so Positives:

  • I tested out eating a different breakfast (because never try something new on race day, right?!) because I just felt like a change. Well, I found oatmeal is a no-go for me on running days. I had the most painful cramps that took a good mile to start to feel better.
  • The PR goal I set back in January for the 8 mile in a few weeks looks like it’s going to be quite unrealistic this year. Training for a marathon and a shorter distance is basically impossible. Much respect to Mr. Galen Rupp (I loved cheering him on during the Olympics)! Not to say I won’t give it my all, but considering how I felt today I just don’t see it happening. And that’s ok. My marathon goals are much more important to me right now.
  • Body Glide wore off after about 7.5 miles and I started chaffing under my left arm again. I’ve also tried vaseline and aquaphor in the past with no relief. The aquaphor I think did help in healing a bit, but it didn’t prevent the chaffing. I’m going to buy some Ruby’s Lube soon to try that out. I’m getting desperate and thinking about putting a bandage over the spot in the meantime. I don’t know if that could make matters worse or not, but it’s worth a shot.

A lot of the time when I run, I just zone out and don’t really think about anything in particular (ha! That sounds kind of funny). However, this run my mind was all over the place. When you go out for a run, are you a thinker? Or do you like to just ‘zone out’? Or do you focus on breathing, pacing, etc.?

Week in Review: Aug. 14-20

I ended up treadmilling 2 of the 3 runs this week, which was unexpected. But, it was still a good week. I had some mixed emotions about the long run, but quickly became at peace with it when I looked at the big picture.

Here’s how this week went…

Sunday – Rest day

Monday – Ran 8 miles on the treadmill. Training plan had me scheduled for 1 easy, 6 at long tempo pace (9:42), 1 easy. So I did just that (the LT miles were 9:40’s because that’s the closest I could get to suggested pace.) I had to take the shirt off part way through because I got so hot! 😜

Tuesday – “Ladder” Bike ride for 30 minutes. This one always goes by so quick because I’m constantly keeping an eye on where I’m at on time since it changes so frequently.

Wednesday – Ran 5.5 miles total on the treadmill. I had full intentions of running outside today, but I stayed up way too late watching the Olympics (story of my life lately). So, when my alarm went off I naturally turned it off and went back to sleep. It was too muggy so I modified the speed workout today to make it work a bit easier on the treadmill (recovery period was supposed to be 90 seconds, but I made it in distance at .10 so I wouldn’t have to keep doing math the entire run ha! 1 mile warm-up + 6×800’s with a tenth of a mile easy running recovery between (except the last repeat where I went into the mile easy running cool down).

Thursday – Biked 50 minutes (10 easy, 20 tempo, 5 easy, 10 tempo, 5 easy). I really like this workout! There’s not a ton of up and down in pace, but it’s just enough to make it interesting.IMG_9863

Friday – Rest day. Drywall was started at the new house! It’s crazy what a difference that makes in the overall feel. It’s getting real!IMG_9910

Saturday – Ran 10 miles (10:11 avg. pace). I was a little sad we weren’t increasing in miles for our long run today lol! But this was a good little breather. And it was good that we didn’t have to go farther with the weather looking a little unpredictable. It didn’t feel too bad out when we stepped outside, so I opted to keep the shirt on ;). About 1.5 miles in, the sweat faucet turned on though and I wished I had ditched it lol. IMG_9933We decided to go against my training plan a bit and instead of running at MP+15 sec/mile, I thought we’d just shoot for MP. We ended up at 7 seconds per mile faster than MP.

After our run we got cleaned up and headed out to our new house because I forgot my paint samples there last night and totally forgot to even look at them while we were there. We stayed for a bit talking about various things as it down poured. Good thing we’re getting gutters!


Then my mom texted me saying there was a tornado warning and one had been spotted in Fennville (south of us) and it was moving north at 30mph. So went home and hung out in the basement until the storm had passed. So scary! There ended up being a few tornados in the area, but it basically missed where we live and missed our new house too. We just had lots of rain, so we are all safe!

I’m looking forward to next weekend’s 15 miler. I haven’t run that far since the 25k I did in May. We’re scheduled to run that one at MP+30 sec./mile (10:48 pace). That’s basically the same pace we did for our 14 miler, so it should feel as easy as that distance could feel (pending a continuation of rough weather!).

Who has been watching the Olympic coverage? What’s your favorite sports to watch? I’m sad it’s coming to a close, but it’s been fun to watch this year! I am such a sucker for the women’s gymnastics! Those ladies were amazing! Funny story, I was obsessed with Shannon Miller (part of the 1996 Gold Medal team) when I was younger and got my hair permed to look like her LOL! I have crazy thick hair…it wasn’t my best look ;). I need to dig up a picture to add to this haha!

1-Year Anniversary of 1st Triathlon!

This is just my Tuesday night ramblings…

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my first trifb IMG_2216

I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking about the sport of triathlon lately. Immediately after the race I wasn’t sure if I wanted to improve upon my sprint time, or try a new distance. I just knew I wanted to do more of them. After a while, I decided I wanted to go big and do the 70.3. After riding in the Holland 100, and having a crummy experience, I began to re-think what I wanted.

Why do I do what I do? I love a challenge, but I also have to enjoy it. The Holland 100 showed me I definitely do NOT like super long bike rides. I know I really enjoy riding 30-ish miles and riding 50-ish is not awful. So, I’d probably be happy (or at least not miserable – ha!) with a 70.3 bike ride if it wasn’t a super hilly course. But, maybe not?

Do I do an Olympic distance and see how I like that before deciding on the 70.3? This is something I’m leaning towards now. It’s not that I’m afraid of a 70.3 distance, it’s that I’m afraid I wouldn’t enjoy it. Being miserable for several hours isn’t worth it to me. I have to enjoy it to some degree. If I do the Olympic distance and love it and think a 70.3 sounds fun, I’ll sign up.

In two months, registration opens for a local tri that has both a 70.3 and Olympic distance. So, I’m about 85% sure right now I’m going to sign up for the Olympic for 2017. I’ll update in October :).