Week in Review: July 24-30

It’s hard to believe July is coming to an end. Summer goes by so quickly! This week I got back to the marathon plan after races/events the past two weekends switched up my normal schedule. I felt pretty good about this week.

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – 40 minute bike ride on the trainer (10 min easy warm up, 8 hard, 2 easy, 8 hard, 12 easy cool down).

Tuesday – I did a 1 mile run warm-up followed by 800m repeats at 4:18, 4:03, 4:17, 4:18, 4:17, 4:16 with 90 second recovery intervals that I decided to walk for instead of slowly running + a .54 mile easy run cool down — Totaled 5 miles. That decisions to walk for the recovery was the best decision ever! It allowed me to get my breathing under control and heart rate to lower just enough before going again. When doing repeats in the heat, I find that even slow running isn’t enough recovery. This worked great! I was very pleased with how consistent I was able to be with this change (except for that second one), as that was the goal.

Wednesday – Biked 30 minutes easy pace on the bike trainer. This was a much needed recovery day from yesterday! I was so happy to see this workout in the plan for today. I recently received “Run the World” in the mail and got started reading it. It’s pretty good thus far!

Thursday – Ran 6 miles (1 easy, 4 at mid-tempo, 1 easy) on the treadmill. 

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – Ran 11 miles with my husband to/around the GVSU campus. The weather was great, which made this feel like a breeze! It was such a relief compared to last weekend. I love when taking it slower (10:37 pace) gives me the energy to feel like I could just keep going. I had a little bit of aches/pains along the way, but nothing too bad. I’ve been really good in the last few days about getting back into the stretching/foam rolling habit. It’s so easy to get out of routine in doing that. I also just got a muscle roller stick (it literally was delivered a few minutes after we got back from our run). Talk about great timing! I used it today after my bike ride.musclestickroller

It felt good to have a normal week again and end with a strong long run!

Out of curiosity, what is your post long run recovery ritual?


One thought on “Week in Review: July 24-30

  1. Sometimes ice bath. Always coffee. Breakfast is usually something that includes peanut butter and banana. I often have something a bit indulgent like breakfast muffin or bread from farmers market. Compression socks all day and kicked back if I can 😉

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