Race Recap: Troutarama 5k (and weekend)

My in-laws have a cottage up north, so when we first heard that the Troutarama festival had a 5k we had to do it! This was our second time running this race and *spoiler alert*….my very FIRST time EVER placing! It’s a little teeny tiny race with only 212 finishers this year and only 8 in my age group haha!
We picked up our packets on Friday night. We were all shocked to see PINK everything! The next thing that surprised us was that there was no timing chip on the bib and no shoe tag (they had the chip on the bib last year). I was very confused as to how this would work. But they had someone sitting at a computer with the time clock on it and were just inputting bib numbers to the times as people came in. This definitely wouldn’t work in a bigger race where there is several people crossing the line at the same time…gotta love these low budget small town races! Considering that, it was a pretty decent swag bag.The course was basically the same as last year, but a touch longer so it was actually a 5k distance this year. Last year it ended up being a little short, so it looked like I was super speedy! It’s an out and back course. The dirt road portion seemed to be a lot rougher and uneven than it was last year. My dad took this picture during the race:It was a really hot day with a high of 93 degrees and high humidity. I think when the race started it was in the mid 70’s and high humidity. We got there a little early so we could get in a 1 mile warm-up before the race.

Our marathon training plan had us running 10 miles at marathon pace + 45 seconds (ie: REALLY SLOW). I knew it would be tough running hard for the 5k miles and then continuing on for the remaining miles slower. It was so much harder than I thought that would be though. All the more proof that going out too fast will end badly, even if you know you can take it easy!They normally have one water station, but had 2 this time due to the heat. I just stopped at the first one and dumped a cup of water over my head and then drank the second cup and kept going. That water cooling my head felt so good! I normally wouldn’t have stopped for the water stations for this distance, but I felt so over heated.

As soon as I crossed the finish line, I basically took 2 steps to the grass and collapsed. Not a proud moment lol. I gave it my all though! I really thought I was going to finishline-puke. Thankful that didn’t happen! It’s amazing what a difference the weather has on you. I actually had a slightly faster per mile pace last year, but it rained most of the race so it was nice and cooling at least.

It was definitely a day for the record books! I highly doubt this will ever happen again, unless I get a lot faster! I think this is about the only place in the world that a 9 minute pace is good enough for 1st place lol! So, I’ll relish in this moment for a bit :). Official time: 28:01. Cheap looking medals, but so cool we both got one this year!

After the race, we ran 4 miles to get our total up to 8 miles. I was ready to be done, so we called it a day at 8. Not really an ‘ideal’ training run, but I think being flexible with training sometimes is ok too. So, 2 miles shy of what we were ‘supposed’ to do, and not doing it all in one shot is a-ok with me.

That afternoon we were hanging out on the beach for a while until our daughter decided she wanted to go inside. So I got her cleaned up and she hung out with her grandparents inside and we went out on the boat with my sister and her boyfriend and ended up going for a swim in the lake and goofing off doing flips and jumping off the boat. That pic on the right made me laugh…I didn’t make it all the way around and landed flat on my back in the water that time lol!
This race was definitely one I’ll never forget! What was the smallest race you’ve ever ran? Do you like small or large races? I think both are fun for different reasons. The hype and excitement surrounding the huge Rock ‘n’ Roll series races are always awesome, but these little small town races are fun because there is generally such a low number of participants in each age group so people like me who don’t stand a chance at placing at large races have a much better chance.


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