Week in Review: July 17-23

It’s been an unusual two weeks! I missed my week in review post for the 10-16th. I had events the past two Saturday’s, which meant my weekday workouts were altered. I cut my long run out before the Holland 100 and did a longer tempo run instead. I also took an extra rest day that week. And then this past Saturday was the Troutarama 5k, and I was recovering from that 100 mile bike ride that week. So, it’s just not been “normal” marathon training. It should be pretty much back to the normal plan now through marathon race day (with the exception of one week we go way down in miles on the long run due to another race).

Sunday – Rest day. I woke up with very fatigued legs and a sore upper body from the Holland 100.

Monday – Ran 4 miles total. 1 easy, 2 long tempo pace (9:42, but did it on the treadmill so selected 9:40 pace), 1 easy. I wore my new shoes. They’re the same model as the last two pair I bought, but I was able to snag this one in a different color. Still boring looking shoes! I’m hopeful one day shoe companies will offer more options for those with high volume and 2E width feet. This definitely wasn’t the mileage my marathon plan wanted, but I just didn’t have it in me to do 3 more long tempo paced miles. Probably should have taken another rest day today!IMG_8772

Tuesday – My legs felt pretty tired today. Decided to take a rest day and take my kiddo to the beach after our electrical walk-through at our the new house. This is an 8 minute drive from our new house — YES!!!!!! Cannot wait for construction to be done! My husband actually proposed to me at this beach (up by the gazebos, not shown in photo). I love it there!DCIM100GOPROGOPR2629.

Wednesday – Biked 40 minutes (10 warm up, 20 tempo, 10 cool down). My rear was still sore, but no where near as bad as I thought it would be. No pic today!

Thursday – One of the hottest days this summer calls for speed work, right?! 😂 Ugh I really had to force myself to do this one. So much harder in this heat!! I have been trying to avoid outside speed work if it is this hot, but really had to get outside. “Ladder” Run of 4.61 miles total. 1o min. warm-up, 1200m, 200m recovery interval (RI), 1000m, 200m RI, 800m, 200m RI, 600m, 200RI, 400m, 200 RI, 7 min. cool-down <– cut down from 10 min. because I got back to my parents and jumped in the pool!IMG_8948.JPG

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – Ran 8 miles total (supposed to do 10, but it just didn’t happen and I’m ok with it as the 5k turned out to be a very special day!). This was no way “ideal” for a weekend run, but it is what it is and next week will be better. We started out with a 1 mile warm-up, then ran the Troutarama 5k, and then finished out the run after the 5k. The 5k is a teeny tiny race up north near my husband’s family’s cottage. We ran it in the rain last year. This year’s race recap will be posted shortly! *It was a record breaking day for me!* This pic I took during our 1 mile warm-up before the race.

It was a fun week, though still not ‘normal’! It will feel good to get back into the swing of my ‘normal’ training plan again though.

The 5k is by far my least favorite distance. I’m really loving the longer slower paced runs. I think the half marathon probably my favorite. If there were more 10 milers around, that would probably beat it out though. What is your favorite and least favorite distance?


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