Week in Review: July 3-9th

What a fun week!! We had a great time up north for the holiday weekend + spent some time at my parents pool on the 4th. I also got some more great marathon training sessions in!

Sunday – Biked (10 min. easy, 10 min. tempo, 2 min. easy, 3 min. hard, 5 min. easy)img_8192

Monday – Happy 4th of July!img_8182I ran 4×800’s with 2 min. recovery intervals (and a 1 mile warm up and 1.2 mile cooldown) — total of 5 miles. Had to put the festive compression socks on after this one!b5b97ded-50d4-4f67-ad92-831b0954e518

Tuesday – Biked 30 miles on the trainer! That’s really pushing my limits for indoor mileage if I don’t have a tv or something on. It was a good ride though. Pretty high mph average (18.82) for that distance for me, so I was happy! I practiced a few yoga poses on my deck after the ride. This was definitely not in the marathon training plan, but with our 100 mile bike ride coming up on the 16th I wanted to make the most of my time inside too.
Wednesday – Rest day.

Thursday – Ran 7 miles (Goal: 1 easy, 5 marathon pace, 1 easy). I was pretty happy with the outcome. My 5MP miles were pretty close to goal pace (within 5-6 seconds), so that was awesome! It was sooo hot out for this run. I ended up putting my head in someones sprinkler and running through a few others lol. It definitely helped!

Friday – “Rest” day. I ended up taking a 1 hour yoga class at a park by the beach.It was a fun class and I got to finally meet Mindy, of Just a One Girl Revolution, who also took the class.

Saturday – Here we are…a bunch of rule breakers here! haha I ran 9 miles (10:15 pace) with my husband and we ran a tad too fast for what our training plan wanted. But, like the last few long runs I’m just aiming at keeping it feeling fairly easy and conversational. So, bonus if it ends up a little faster and we still feel good. This was a big day for my husband as it was his longest run ever! *wohoo* He is such a champ!And a double bonus, my new slideproof hair ties work!

I didn’t loose the bottom one from my braid and it didn’t rip my hair out removing them like I thought they would. Yay! After the run we came back and I immediately started to re-stain our front porch (ignore the chipping white paint — that’s the next project!). And then finally jumped in the shower! 😉 Anyone else in the process of getting ready to move? There is so much that needs to be done! You all should see the pile of stuff I have ready to sell in our moving sale…it’s crazy!!

That was my week! I hope you all had a great one too! Next week is going to be a little different for me as it’s the week of my century ride. I’m cutting out my long run and just doing my usual track repeats on monday and then doing a longer tempo run mid-week. I’m planning on taking two full days off before the ride. Lots of nerves about this event! Wish me luck…I think I need it!


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