Week in Review: June 12-18

The week started with a whole new experience…riding 70 miles! It was a humbling experience to say the least. We did ok, but man there is nothing like that kind of pain. We both decided for our own safety that if it’s supposed to rain, we’re not doing the century ride. So hopefully we have a great day so we can cross this one off our bucket list!

Here’s how this week went…

Sunday – 70.5 mile bike ride with my husband! Lots of pain during this ride.

Monday – Rest day.

Tuesday – Planned on some mile repeats in the morning, but I had insomnia Monday night and only slept 3 hours 😢. For the cherry on top, I also had a migrane that lasted until dinner! Boooo! Thus an unplanned rest day.

Wednesday – Holy humidity!! Ran track repeats (not actually on a track though) total of 5 miles. 10 min. warm up (10:18), 1600m x 3 (8:34, 8:53, 8:41) with 400m recovery paced running (9:55, 10:16, 9:55) then a short cool down (supposed to be 10 minutes but decided to end at 3 minutes and continue to walk). I’m a newbie to this whole thing and over the weekend read in my book I should have kept the repeats at about the same time and they should have been 5k or slightly faster pace. Those times were all faster than my 5k time. Oops. Still learning!

Thursday – Biked on the trainer and used my new saddle! It’s amazing!! I wish I would have had it for the last two long rides. My bike computer battery died so I just used my watch as a timer since I don’t have the sensors to use it on the trainer.IMG_7667.JPGI had to make a trip out to GH to pick up my run club shirts, so we decided to turn it into an afternoon at the beach. ‘A’ could have stayed there all day playing in the sand! We stopped out at our property and saw the concrete guys finishing up the basement floor! Wohoo!!

Friday – Rest day. We packed up and headed north!

Saturday – Ran 7 miles with my husband at the cottage. This just felt good! Time just flies by when we run together. Even though we didn’t go as slow as we should have, we felt great! I know it’s still early and technically our plan doesn’t start until the week of our 8 miler, but I think I’m going to crush my old marathon time! I am so excited for it, I can hardly stand it!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out out there!


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