Week in Review: June 5-11 + Marathon Training Thoughts

We’re getting really close to our official start to marathon training! We have just two weeks of pre-training workouts and then it’s go-time! I did some more of the workouts from the marathon plan. I feel pretty good about this plan! One interesting thing is that they have you running your long runs slower than marathon pace (MP), exact pace varies each week. But, the only time you actually run MP is in the taper weeks. When I say MP, I am referring to what the book thinks my MP should be (based off of 5k time). It’s laughable though! Honestly, it sounds way faster than what I think I could maintain for that many miles. BUT, I’m going through with the training based on those numbers (it gives you a short tempo, mid-tempo, and long tempo paces based off of that time too) . Although the long run paces are quite a bit slower than what it says your race day pace is, it’s all still faster than what I need to reach my goal of a sub 5. And I think the long run paces are pretty attainable for me. So, I’m really excited to see how this all works out!

Here’s what I did this week:

Sunday – Biked 40 minutes (10 easy, 8 hard, 4 easy, 8 hard, 10 easy). Awesome workout! The hard intervals I floated between 20-23 mph. and easy at 16mph.

Monday – Ran 4.7 miles. 10 min. warm-up + 5×800 w/2 min. recovery intervals + 5 min. cool-down. I was supposed to do 4×800’s but got a little carried away and didn’t look at my watch when it buzzed…I assumed I had one more to go lol. I was about half way through when I realized I was supposed to be in the cool-down phase, thus the shorter cool-down and an extra 800 ;). This was my first time using the programmed workout feature on my Garmin. I really like it! I just need to pay more attention to what phase I’m in lol.I wore my new Dona Jo Fitwear capri’s. I love all the gorgeous colors!

Tuesday – Recovery workout: Biked 30 min. easy.
Wednesday – Rest day. Walked 4 miles with my mom.

Thursday – Goal was to run 6 miles at MP + 30 sec/mi (10:48). I did 10:21’s — oops! Running slower than normal is harder than it sounds! Side note, my marathon training book predicted a 10:18 marathon pace for me (LOL). Honestly, that sounds laughable right now and no way is that my goal. But, I’m continuing on with the training based on that. My main goal is to come in under 5 hours, so the fact that the long runs are all slower than that MP (except in the taper weeks) makes me feel a little better. I felt great today though! There is something so much more relaxing about going into a run knowing you’re going to be running slower than you normally run. It was kind of nice!I found a new little paved path on my run. It’s fun exploring new places! 🙂

Friday – Rest day. I took my daughter to the zoo after her last day of school and did a ton of walking. It was so hot out! In the evening we went and checked out the progress with our house. They poured the basement walls earlier this week and just did the tile and stone for drainage. We picked out all our plumbing stuff this week too (tubs, sink fixtures, etc.). Things are moving along :).

Saturday – 3.1 miler (9:54, 9:40, 9:28) to “shake out” my nerves for Sunday’s long bike ride. DCIM100GOPROG0011879.

Moving onto another week. We survived the 70 mile bike ride today haha! Pics and details to come later :). How was everyone’s week?



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