Week in Review: May 29 – June 4

Great week! I began introducing some of the workouts detailed in my marathon plan to get used to it a little early. I tried one new cycling workout and followed one of the tempo run workouts too.

Here’s what the week looked like…

Sunday – Rest day. We spent the day with my family at our cabin. It was so fun and a really nice relaxing day and got in a lot of walking on the trails.

Monday – Ran 5 miles (9:38 pace) with my husband at his parent’s cottage before heading back home.

Of course I had to get in a little kayaking before we went home.

Tuesday – Biked a new workout from the FIRST plan. I was sweating like crazy at the end of this one. It’s so satisfying when you’re dripping at the end of a workout!

Wednesday – Happy Global Running Day! 6 mile tempo run (2 easy, 2 at short tempo, 2 easy) on the treadmill. I thought I’d avoid the rain and stay inside, but by the end of it I was wishing I was outside in the rain because of how hot I felt. I went outside for a pic though while it sprinkled and that felt good!

Thursday – Rest day. Went for a 3 mile walk.

Friday – Ran 6 miles (9:44 pace) along the lakeshore and just took in all the gorgeous scenery. Running on the pier is not really a great idea haha! Thankfully it is going to be repaired (later this year?). It stinks that it’ll be closed for a year, but all the chipping concrete, holes and uneven areas make it not exactly ideal — for even walking.I felt like I was in the middle of a Pure Michigan ad lol! I mean seriously! Look at that water. #nofilter 😍 Post-run, I changed out of my running shoes and put on flip flops. I walked 1 mile back to the beach and went in Lake Michigan to cool my legs. It felt so good! After wading in the water for a bit, I headed back.This got me so ready for summer! I can’t wait to take my kiddo to the beach.
Rest day. I spent a huge chunk of today de-cluttering and organizing the basement and all my daughter’s toys. How does one child accumulate SO much stuff?! We decided a garage sale is definitely happening this summer before we move.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? What was your favorite workout this past week?


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