Week in Review: May 8-14

Race week complete! So thrilled with how it all turned out and I can’t wait to share my race recap! Here’s what I did this week.

Sunday – Mother’s Day! I got to sleep in and then got in a 30 minute speed/recovery interval bike trainer ride in the morning before getting together with both my parents and my in-laws. I got the sweetest handmade cards from my daughter and my husband had this cute window wall art made for me out of an old window I had sitting in the garage. I love it!

I also registered for the Nashville half again…how does this keep happening?! haha!! My husband is running the half this time too!

Monday – I have been feeling so sluggish. I think I was ‘glutened’ last week and I haven’t gotten over the fatigue symptoms. There have been a lot of ‘in bed before 8:30’ nights lately. I managed to force myself out the door for 3 miles though.
Tuesday – Biked 1 hour in my fave cycling jersey. I did a tough interval workout: 10 min. warm-up, 10 min. at 16mph, 10 min. at 19mph, 10 min. at 16mph, 10 min. at 19mph, 10 min. cool down. My legs were burning good! 😉

Wednesday – Ran 4 miles (9:22 pace) in the heat and humidity in the afternoon. I tested out my new reflective vest. I definitely need to tighten it up a bit more so it doesn’t rub around my neck. It’ll be good for early AM marathon training runs though. Or just running on busy roads in general.DCIM100GOPROGOPR1322.

Thursday – Rest day and the first day in a while I felt like I had my energy back! My husband and I had a kid-free night out at opening night of the Garth Brooks World Tour stop in Grand Rapids (this was the first of five shows he did here!). It was such an awesome high energy show! I love that his wife, Trisha Yearwood, did a few songs too.IMG_6615I unfortunately had a headache before we left that turned into a migraine during the concert (the bright lights and loud music probably didn’t help), which had me running to the bathroom to throw up. I didn’t actually puke though, phew! But, I felt so awful I was kind of hoping I would thinking I’d feel better. Despite that, I still enjoyed the concert! I always get headaches if my ponytail is too high…thick hair problems. You’d think I’d learn lol! I’ve never had a migraine like that before though.IMG_6624

Friday – Packet pick-up day! My husband decided to take the day off since we got home late and so we headed downtown to pick-up our race day packets. Yes, “our” packets. My husband decided to sign up for the 10k randomly (a guy from his work convinced him to do it even though he hasn’t really trained for it). So he ended up running it at a comfortable pace for fun.

Saturday – Fifth Third River Bank Run 25k. Race recap coming soon! 🙂

The next event on the calendar is my first century (100 mile) bike ride in July! Marathon training starts the end of June though, so I’ll start increasing from my 5-6 mile base then and get in a few longer bike rides before the century ride.

What is your next ‘event’ you’re training for?


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