Week in Review: May 1-7

If you’ve been following along with me the past few weeks you know it’s been an odd pattern of “taper” week, race week (repeated). This is a first for me having so many races so close together. But, next weekends 25k will be my last race until September so I’ll get back into some sense of normalcy soon. Marathon training will pick up mid-June, so I’ll be working on maintaining a 5-6 mile base before we start increasing again. I’m SO pumped for this fall!!

Sunday – Rest day. I spent the majority of the day in the car driving home from Nashville.

Monday – Rest day. My legs felt good enough to run, but I had zero energy. The weekend caught up with me for sure! I instead went grocery shopping and caught up on the mass amount of laundry I had to do and went to bed early.

Tuesday – Ran 4 miles (9:47 pace), partly through a local park. I tested out my Nathan Sport moxy hydration pack and loved it! It took me a few minutes to get it adjusted to feel no-bounce secure, but it worked great! I’m definitely going to use it for my 25k next weekend and the marathon this fall so I can skip the water stations and have a nice supply of Nuun ready whenever I need it. And there is a nice pocket on the front that I can store my pitted dates for running fuel. 🙂

Wednesday – Biked in the morning doing an hour with 30 minutes of speed/recovery intervals.

Thursday – Rest day. Took a 3.5 mile walk with my mom. I love that we live close enough that I can just pop over to hang out for a bit. When we move I’ll be a bit further :(, but closer to the lakeshore :).

Friday – Ran 9 miles in the heat! This was the warmest run I’ve had in a long time. Not quite used to that. At least for Nashville it was cloudy and I could dump water on my head every 2 miles lol! It was a rough one. I did a one mile hill in town and ran near a park.

Saturday – Rest day. Pretty low key day at home and then we went to see the Whitecaps baseball game in the evening.

I took some extra rest time this week, and I’m glad I did as it’s race week again! I have some big goals, probably a little unreasonable to be honest. But, I’m still going for it! Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds. It looks like I may have some running partners for the race so that always makes it more fun.

Have a good week friends! And a special Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! ❤


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