Week in Review: April 3-9

Training never goes 100% to plan…at least for me. Something always happens. If anything, it’s taught me to roll with the punches. You’ll see why below, but between injury and sickness one of the two is bound to happen during a training cycle. And it seems it’s always pretty close to the end of training. This week started fine, but ended pretty weak. But, I know stuff happens. This time I have a bit of time to recover, but I definitely don’t want to miss anymore of my long runs.

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Biked 30 minutes of intervals + some fun forearm stand practice. I was practicing getting into the pose without wall support. So much more tricky! Lots of falling over lol.

Tuesday – Ran 4 miles in the afternoon. Thanks to my mom for watching my daughter so I could do this one outside :).

Wednesday – Biked 60 minutes (mostly moderate effort with a few hard efforts sprinkled in there). I got a new hydration pack with lots of storage for my century ride this summer. There are some fueling stops along the course, but limited gluten free choices. So, this will come in handy! I also would like to try to use it one some long runs as an alternative to my belt. I like that I can carry food/energy gels, water and still have room for my phone and keys. When I use my hydration belt, I have to use my go-belt also to store phone and keys because they don’t fit in the pouch. So I really hope this is good for running too. And no, I didn’t wear this during my indoor ride haha. 😉

Thursday – Ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I planned on more mileage, but I just wasn’t feeling great so opted to cut it short. Handstand fun for photo op ;).

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – The original plan was to join a local running club, but the weather didn’t cooperate. 16 degree real feel temps and my once frostbitten toes certainly don’t go together.Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.28.06 PM I then thought I’d treadmill the 12 miles. I had it all planned out to watch a Nashville episode online that I had missed, and listen to music for the rest of it. Well, the bug I had that I couldn’t tell if it was allergies or a cold turned out to be a cold…I just felt so miserable that I decided to completely skip my long run.

I can’t believe I’m moving on to PEAK WEEK for the half! That came up so fast! I am really hopeful my health will return quickly and I can end my training on a high note. It seems training never really goes completely according to plan, which is always a bugger for someone like me who likes to schedule things and know what’s happening when. But, I’m slowly learning to just let it go and trust my training up until now. I’ve had some decent long runs lately, so I’m really not worried about having to miss this weeks. Onward and upward! I got an email with a preview of some of the merch available at the expo. I hope they still have some good stuff left by the time we arrive! 🙂


Do you agree? When you’re training for months for a race, something is bound to happen…injury or sickness. Right? I can’t be alone here ;).


2 thoughts on “Week in Review: April 3-9

  1. Totally agree. Things happen. I’m trying to focus on quality over quantity so I don’t get a silly injury along the way that sets me back. Ran Hoosier Half yesterday and have 2 coming up in May. Sure wish I could do some of those yoga poses you do! But I do love me some yoga as a way to stay relaxed, stretched, and strong.

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    • Yes! Quality over quantity. I agree! Congrats on your half yesterday, and good luck with the upcoming races! I agree, yoga can be a great way to just decompress. I tend to use it more as a flexibility and strength challenge, but I absolutely enjoy the more meditative yoga too. It all has a place :). Here’s to staying healthy and injury free!


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