Vacationing + Training. Do they mix?

Two posts in one day? Who am I? 😂 What would you do if you’re training for the biggest race of your life, and you’re going on a vacation with your family during that training cycle? For me, there is no dropping either. They absolutely can go hand-in-hand. I would never skip a vacation because I’m training for a race….and in the same breath, I’d never skip training because I’m on vacation. In fact, I find that vacation workouts are some of the most enjoyable training sessions there are! Lucky for me, my husband is such a great man and supports and understands 100%. 😘IMG_1763Above is a photo of my daughter and I ‘shelling’ on a beach in Florida last spring. She loved it (and so did I)! :)🐚


Isn’t this photo above just postcard perfect? ❤ Beach time in Florida with the fam…it doesn’t get any better! Last spring we were in Florida and I did my peak week 20-miler for the Country Music Marathon down there. I jumped into the pool immediately after! 🙂 There is a short video of it on Instagram if you click the photo below (turn your volume down lol).CMM20miler

I have to say, recovery poolside was definitely a plus (that’s a bag of ice on my legs in the photo below haha!). And isn’t relaxing poolside even better knowing you just worked so hard? 😉 🍹IMAG4499

We recently reserved a house in Florida near the beach for a vacation next year (yep, you have to book early or the good houses are snatched up quickly!). We usually share a house with my parents, but we got a place of our own for next year. At the time we’re going, I’ll be part way through my 70.3 half-iron training (those words still haven’t sunk in completely…eeek!). So, I’ll be continuing training during our stay there. We had a fabulous time in Disney this February on vacation together and I’m looking forward to soaking up all that family time by the pool / on the beach, as well as swim-bike-running in the southern warmth next spring too. You CAN do it all — it just takes a bit of pre-planning! 🙂

Instead of dealing with shipping our bikes, we’ll be renting road bikes and a bike trainer down there. Of course, we’ll have our outdoor rides too as we’ll rent a bike trailer to pull our daughter along (I’d rent a wee-hoo if they had them!). But, it’ll be nice to be able to hop on the bike while my daughter is still sleeping and get some miles in (probably set-up poolside!). I’ll have access to a lap pool for swimming during the week too, which will be great!

Below was a post-run selfie from one of my mid-week runs. I just remember being SO happy during the run! I love vacation running!IMAG4470

I know some people are like, “Why would you want to workout on vacation?”.  I guess I’m more of the, “Why not workout on vacation?” line of thinking. I like it because it’s a change of scenery and generally completely different weather than what we’re used to (so it can be fun and challenging in some ways). It’s always fun to explore new areas of the town/city you’re in. I think that if both things are important to you, you’ll find a way to make it happen. So go book that vacation and get your training on!

Have you followed your training plans on vacations? Or do you just put it on the back burner during a vacation and then come back home to really buckle down?IMAG4465.jpg


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