Week in Review – March 20 – 26 + New toys!

My excitement for the week was getting two new toys! I bought a sports action camera (super cheap) over a year ago because I wanted a GoPro but didn’t have the money to spend on it at the time. The knockoff is great for under water photos, but it’s horrible in low light situations, the photo clarity isn’t very good, and the wide angle lens isn’t all that great. After loads of research, I was finally able to buy a real GoPro Hero 4 and a Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire! I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past few months and knew I wanted a new watch that would be suitable for triathlons as I’ll be getting into them again next year. I was looking at the Garmin 910XT (which I wrote off for open water swim issues), the Garmin 920XT, and after seeing the Fenix 3 I decided to compare it to the 920XT. Obviously the main feature I was looking at was swimming for both open water and lap pool swimming. They were neck and neck in the reviews I read, so I went with the Fenix because I think it’s peeerrty ;). I can’t wait to test it out in all kinds of situations. 

Sunday – I am now switching up my weekly schedule to better work with a Saturday long run, so no more Sunday bike trainer rides with my husband. We took a short ‘hike’ (1.5 miles) up some stairs and gravel paths. 292 elevation gain for that distance, which I thought was pretty good. I had a bit of run-envy as I saw several runners doing laps. This would be a killer hill run if you did it a few times. I won’t lie though, my calves were feeling a bit shaky when we got done haha! My daughter ended up on my back for part of it though ;). This would definitely be a do once and then work your way up to a couple laps.

Monday – Maiden voyage for my new watch! I ran 4 miles in the morning & met up with Andi for a hot yoga class in the evening. I also gave her my last #sharethespark Momentum Jewelry wrap. I had a lot of fun with that campaign! I included one mile of hill climb on my run, and the last mile or so was in the park trails (some dirt, some paved).I played around with my camera at the park before starting my run.
This was only the 2nd time I’ve ever taken a hot yoga class, and I loved this one even more than the one at a different studio. Such a sweaty mess! It’s 99 degrees in the room and I just love how much easier your muscles move in high heat. The cool towels on your forehead near the end of the class was so nice! I even learned a new balance pose (which was a struggle!).

Tuesday – I took a rest day. My right knee (bursitis pain) was acting up. I did some stretching a few times throughout the day.

Wednesday – Apparently that rest day was just what I needed. I ran my fastest 3.1 miles ever on the treadmill! I was very unsure if I was going to make it to the end. Tough, but it’s fun to do these ‘time trials’ every once in a while. Now to see if I can do it outside when it warms up a bit more.

Thursday -Biked an easy pace for 45 minutes. 

Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – Ran 11 miles with my mom in the morning. My training plan had 10 miles down for the day, but we decided we wanted to go ‘hill hunting’ and in order to do the 3 hills, we had to do 11. Of all our training runs, this was definitely the toughest one we’ve ever done together. When you really have to hunt for hills, 407 elevation gain is pretty good! Ended with 10:00/mile pace, which normally I’d be just ‘ok’ with…but this was a tough course and I’m definitely proud of how this run went!I have been experimenting with fuel. I’ve been a long time Honey Stinger energy gel girl. I only went with them because I was looking for something caffeine free and natural. I have been having stomach “issues” on the long runs, so I decided to change up my fuel. I ran with a baggie of organic pitted dates for my “energy” assistance ;). I did have stomach cramps, but I also think I need to figure out the appropriate amount of liquid to drink during a run. The cramps felt more liquid related than the ‘other’ kind of cramps. I loooove my Nuun, but need to figure out how much and when I need to drink. I kind of feel at a loss, because this run I didn’t drink a ton and had them. I’ve drank a lot of fluids on a long run and had them as well. Trying to find that happy medium. I’m still having cramps and often feel and hear the water “sloshing” in my stomach (and I eat breakfast!). It’s hard since everyone is different, so it’s all just a trial and error to see what makes my stomach happy. I ran with my hydration belt and Nuun in the bottles + the dates in the pouch on the belt. And I had the gomacro bar after we were done. I always come flying down the hills, and my mom always catches up to me ;). She is much stronger going up hill than I am.

Edit: How did I forget my bike ride after my long run?? We rode 24 miles in the afternoon. My legs couldn’t keep up with these two after the pounding they took in the morning, but I gave it my all!

Another week closer to Nashville! This week was a good confidence booster for me. The hills were tough on the long run, but I didn’t stop going up ANY of them! wohoooo! And having a treadmill 5k PR this week was pretty cool too. It’s been slow progress, but I’m getting there!

Do you struggle with fuel/hydrating during long runs? Any tricks I should try out to see if they work for me? This hydrating/fueling issue is the one thing that puts doubts in my mind about being a “distance” runner. But, I’m still going for marathon #2 because I want to reach my time goal so I can “retire” from full marathons haha! 🙂

Happy Easter & have a great week!


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