Week in Review – March 6 – 12

I feel like I finally had a “normal” week! I got all my running miles and bike time in for the first time in too long. Feeling thankful for my health! Here’s what I did this week….

Sunday – Biked 30 minutes + 1 mile (8:11) treadmill run immediately after. It was my first “brick” in a long time. I really have no reason to be doing them right now, but it sounded like fun since it’s been a while. Can’t wait until I’m actually in Tri training mode! 

Monday – Ran 4 miles (9:33 pace). It felt sooo Spring-like! Comfortable temps already at 9am…love that! That white stuff is melting!

Tuesday – Biked 60 minutes with a few hard minute intervals thrown in. 

Wednesday – Easy paced 3.1 mile treadmill run. However, it certainly didn’t feel “easy” today. Just one of those runs that had me feeling defeated. I kept thinking, “this shouldn’t feel this difficult.” But, I made it through! 3.1 at 9:56 pace. It made me more determined to have a better run on Friday. I had a post-run green protein smoothie…haven’t made them for a while (because I don’t like drinking cold beverages in the winter lol). We’ve had some cold, but much warmer temps lately. I suppose they’re tolerable enough for smoothies again haha! 😉

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Can I just say what a huge difference sunshine and blue sky makes for my mood?? 8 miles (9:43 pace) in the sunshine!  I included one hilly road that is a mile long. Need to start working those hills in #ornashvillewilleatmealive. I felt pretty good about this one.

Saturday – First outdoor bike ride of the year! It was a bit chilly out so I didn’t last very long, especially wearing my tri shoes. Far too ventilated for this time of year (even with socks). We just took it easy and rode around the neighborhoods for 8 miles. It felt soooo good to be outside, despite the temps. We bought a ‘Weehoo’ for the times we don’t have childcare  or when we just want to do a ‘family’ bike ride. Have you heard of these before? They’re pretty cool! We had a bike trailer but our daughter was getting kind of big for it. My husband saw the Weehoo on Mackinac Island and we ended up buying this a couple months ago when the price was pretty low on AmazonExcellent investment! We will be getting in lots of family rides this year!

I’m ready to move onto a new week. Some exciting things planned for the week…some fitness related, some personal :). What did you do over the weekend?


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