Week in Review – March 27 – April 2

Another week closer to race day! AND I didn’t have to use the treadmill all week! wohoo yay for outdoor running! That excitement faded as we got SNOW on Saturday. For real. Seriously, Michigan? haha Well, hopefully this week will be the last of it.

Here’s what this past week looked like.

Sunday – Easter! We split the holiday between my in-laws and my parents house for some quality family time :).

Monday – I woke up not feeling great, so opted to catch up on household chores and take an extra rest day. I spent 20 minutes in the evening doing a ‘bedtime yoga’ video on YouTube in my lounge wear 😜 in effort to sleep well.

Tuesday – I ran 4 miles on some trails, not focusing on speed or anything else…just went out to reconnect with my love of running. It seems I had lost it momentarily while focusing too much on the ‘schedule’ of training.  Sunshine and the trails always are good reminders for me. Ended that with a smile on my face and ready to tackle the rest of the week. Glad I kept my Forerunner watch. I realize in the morning I only had a couple percent battery left on my Fenix, and decided I wanted to fully use up the battery before charging (in effort to keep it lasting as long as it has). So, I used the Forerunner so I at least knew my distance.

Wednesday – I generally don’t run back to back days (usually bike in between), but the weather had me switch things up this week. I ran 3.1 miles (9:06 avg pace) doing half mile sprint/recovery intervals.

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Ended up doing my long run Friday instead of Saturday. 11 miles with about the same elevation gain as last week (doing 3 long sections of hills), but a little faster pace this week! I was sad I couldn’t run with the group (thanks to the threat of frostbite again). But, hopefully I can join next weekend. I did stop at the top of the hill each time to take some organic pitted dates and my Nuun. I was pretty happy to not have any bad stomach issues this run!

Saturday – I biked 50 minutes in the evening – my only cross session this week. That’s just the way it works out sometimes. My left knee and a little part of my left leg (top left side of calf…feels like it’s just inflammation). Needless to say it is a bit sore from Friday’s hills, so I took it a little easier than I normally do focusing on turnover rate in low gears. Lots of icing and stretching happening here!
THIS is why I ran Friday and skipped out on Saturday’s group run. Ew. Usually pretty, but in April I’d say it’s pretty disgusting. We were biking outside a week ago! lol Oooh Michigan, you’re always throwing us curveballs. 

The extended forecast has more of the “s” word in it. Let’s hope that is the last of it and we can get back to more spring like temperatures! Here’s to a great week ahead (even if most workouts are inside!).

Four weeks until my half marathon and then two weeks later I’ve got a 25k! Lots to look forward to! 🙂


Week in Review – March 13 – 19

Awesome week! I got some good workouts in, some really challenging, and got our fall marathon training plans a bit more set. I spent a bit of time this week re-working my husband and I’s training schedule. It can be tricky training for a big race when you have a child (or children), as childcare has to be planned out in advance — especially now that we BOTH are running this race. I had to re-work it because we’re likely doing a 100 mile organized bike ride in July, so that’s one weekend day plus a few more for some longer kid-free rides. We’re so lucky to have both sets of grandparents pretty close by, and they’ll be helping us out for some of our weekend long runs and bike rides. I was going through our plans for my husband’s vacation days, and we realized we had a few days that we didn’t have ‘plans’ for. So we decided to use them on a few Friday’s towards the end of training to get our long run in while our daughter is in school. Thus, opening up our weekend for more time all together as a family. Yay! It will be so cool having our daughter and my parents at the finish line cheering us both on!

Here’s this week in photos….

Sunday – 40 minutes of intervals on the bike trainer with my husband. So much more fun doing this as a “team” vs. alone!

Monday – Ran 4 miles outside dodging all the rain puddles. I woke up not really wanting to run, but got out there and ended up feeling really good!

Tuesday – Biked 10 miles focusing on turnover rate keeping a pretty mid-range pace and then kicking it up towards the end.

Wednesday – Ran 3.1 miles (9:24 pace) on the treadmill because the wind was CRAZY today. If it’s difficult to drive, it’s too windy to run outside in my book ;). Still got a good workout in. Started slow and finished sprinting. I tried taking a pic with my doggy and she kept yawning lol.
Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Ran 9 miles (9:42 pace) on the treadmill. I just laughed after I got off the treadmill because it was sunny and beautiful out. When I was about to start, I decided to run inside because it was snowing (not a lot, but seriously snowing and blowing!) and it felt cold! Oh Michigan 😆. I am avoiding frostbite again at all costs, so a long treadmill run it was! The middle section was rough, but I picked it back up towards the end. My hip flexors have been an issue lately, so I stopped part way through and stretched. They tend to act up whenever I do sprinting/speed work and sometimes biking if I’m really focusing on lifting the pedals instead of just pushing. I’ve been really pushing my limits when I am near the finish of a run lately, so I’m not really surprised. Just have to spend a bit more time with the foam roller and stretching. I like to lay flat on our bars tools (a sturdy table would do) and let one leg hang, and then pull the other leg to my chest and hold for 30 seconds or so and repeat with other leg.

Saturday – Rest day. Today we really wanted to go for a hike, but it was just too cold. I tried taking the dog for a walk and my toes were tingling by the time I got to the end of our street, so I had to turn around :(.

That’s a wrap! Looking ahead to next week. My long run will be my last solo one for a while. I’ll be joining a running club for a couple weeks to train for my half, but mostly for my 25k as there are some runners in the group that I’ll likely be sticking with for the entire race. Really looking forward to the group atmosphere again! Long runs seem to go by much faster when you have great company.

How was your week? What was your most challenging workout? Do you run with a club or friends? Or do you do mostly solo running? I think both have their advantages! Just depends on what your goal is, I guess. Have a great week!

Week in Review – March 6 – 12

I feel like I finally had a “normal” week! I got all my running miles and bike time in for the first time in too long. Feeling thankful for my health! Here’s what I did this week….

Sunday – Biked 30 minutes + 1 mile (8:11) treadmill run immediately after. It was my first “brick” in a long time. I really have no reason to be doing them right now, but it sounded like fun since it’s been a while. Can’t wait until I’m actually in Tri training mode! 

Monday – Ran 4 miles (9:33 pace). It felt sooo Spring-like! Comfortable temps already at 9am…love that! That white stuff is melting!

Tuesday – Biked 60 minutes with a few hard minute intervals thrown in. 

Wednesday – Easy paced 3.1 mile treadmill run. However, it certainly didn’t feel “easy” today. Just one of those runs that had me feeling defeated. I kept thinking, “this shouldn’t feel this difficult.” But, I made it through! 3.1 at 9:56 pace. It made me more determined to have a better run on Friday. I had a post-run green protein smoothie…haven’t made them for a while (because I don’t like drinking cold beverages in the winter lol). We’ve had some cold, but much warmer temps lately. I suppose they’re tolerable enough for smoothies again haha! 😉

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Can I just say what a huge difference sunshine and blue sky makes for my mood?? 8 miles (9:43 pace) in the sunshine!  I included one hilly road that is a mile long. Need to start working those hills in #ornashvillewilleatmealive. I felt pretty good about this one.

Saturday – First outdoor bike ride of the year! It was a bit chilly out so I didn’t last very long, especially wearing my tri shoes. Far too ventilated for this time of year (even with socks). We just took it easy and rode around the neighborhoods for 8 miles. It felt soooo good to be outside, despite the temps. We bought a ‘Weehoo’ for the times we don’t have childcare  or when we just want to do a ‘family’ bike ride. Have you heard of these before? They’re pretty cool! We had a bike trailer but our daughter was getting kind of big for it. My husband saw the Weehoo on Mackinac Island and we ended up buying this a couple months ago when the price was pretty low on Amazon. Excellent investment! We will be getting in lots of family rides this year!

I’m ready to move onto a new week. Some exciting things planned for the week…some fitness related, some personal :). What did you do over the weekend?