Shin Splits + Toe pain from Running?

As I mentioned in a previous ‘Week in Review‘ post, I’ve been struggling with some shin pain. I got rid of some new shoes that I think are the reason I am in this predicament, as I went from a stability shoe to a motion control shoe (DUMB! I only did it because I felt I was out of 2E width shoe options). I had a few pain free runs after getting rid of them and thought it was a thing of the past. I now realize I probably should have continued to take it easy. *Update* I thought I had a callus or something on my toes and went to the podiatrist and found out it’s skin damage from frostbite. Yeah. I’m over winter. I ended up with a bad sore spot on one toe on my left foot, same sore spot on the right foot but that right foot also has 3 blisters. They’re so painful!

I actually don’t think I have a stress fracture. Everything I’ve read and the people I know who have experienced them all said you can find a specific point where it hurts to put pressure on it. I don’t have that. It just hurts badly when I push off the ground with my foot. So, hopefully ‘just’ shin splints!

What am I doing in attempt to speed up recovery before race day and minimize pain? Besides no more running for a while, I’m pretty obsessed with all things anti-inflammatory.

  1. I’m rocking a Dr. Cool wrap and compression socks often.
  2. I’m putting tumeric and pepper on my food often, as adding ground pepper to the tumeric helps aid in absorption. 
  3. Eating more wild caught fish for the omega-3’s, avoiding dairy, and eating more vegan options (obviously fish is not vegan, but the omega 3’s are still anti-inflammatory).
  4. Hello green tea! I like green tea anyway, but these two are my favorites. And a little bonus, ginger and peppermint both have anti-inflammatory properties too.
  5. I’m trying to limit my intake of nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers) as they are inflammatory foods.
  6. Normally I’d be foam rolling, but since I don’t know for sure if it’s not a stress fracture (I still doubt it is) I’m skipping this and just doing some stretching. The yoga challenge that wrapped up on Valentine’s Day was great! I think I need to do yoga daily, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes.
  7. I’m rubbing PanAway essential oil and Peppermint essential oil on my shin (diluted) for the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. 
  8. I’m already gluten free which is a good start, but had some walnuts recently that I realized after the fact were cross-contaminated. Ughhh. So continuing on with the GF foods.
  9. I had purchased some kinesiology tape to use during my runs but returned it after I had some pain free runs. I ended up buying another roll to wear in the days leading up to the race, and during the race (which scares me a little as it would be something I’ve never done before, and I know you’re not supposed to stray from what’s normal for you.) But, I’ve heard some great success stories from other runners using it.

As of today, I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the shin. It no longer hurts to walk on it. I’m still too scared to try running right now though.

Ok, so I wrote up this post and scheduled it to post and then had another issue pop up. I wasn’t going to say anything and be a debbie downer…but I am not the least bit concerned about my shin anymore. My number one concern is my toes now. I’ve been complaining that my toes “feel funny” for over a month. But, my feet are always cold so I generally have 2 pair of socks on all the time and just never really took the time to look. Well, I discovered I got a callus or a corn on one of my toes on BOTH feet. (update: not a corn/callus – it’s skin damage from frostbite). I don’t know what it is but it hurts SO bad. Possibly from the shoes I returned?? It has felt odd, but not been incredibly painful until I took a pumice stone to them the other night after soaking them. Now they’re so irritated I can’t even walk normally. *cue the tears* Seriously, freaking out! It’s a red bump on the bottom of the toe (almost the side of the toe). It’s 100x more painful than my shin ever was. My left foot is much worse than my right. I’m just hobbling around now. I got some medicated pads to put on them and prior to that was using some lemon essential oil and tea tree oil on it. Fingers crossed they heal to the point that I can at least walk pain free. I cannot miss the Disney Princess Half! Nor do I want to be hobbling around the parks for 3 days before the race. I need a miracle.



4 thoughts on “Shin Splits + Toe pain from Running?

  1. Are the toes any better today than yesterday?
    Also I don’t know why but I am Terrified to put essential oils directly on my skin. I think I read somewhere one time that some of them can “burn” your skin.. no idea where I read that or if it’s true. I’m probably just crazy 🙂 (I do have one blend that I will put directly on my feet)

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    • Right foot looks a little better. Left foot hurts so bad. I ended up going to the doc today. I got a referral to a podiatrist tomorrow morning. So hopefully he can give me some tips or something to wrap my toes in a way that it makes it at least not excruciating. I always dilute the oils with organic grapeseed oil or coconut oil :). Some people are very sensitive to them still though. Definitely don’t put directly on skin without dilution (there are very few you can use un-diluted). Thanks for checking up, friend! 🙂


      • oh good good! Glad you went to the doctor! 🙂
        and noted about the dilution oils – I did know that but it still freaks me out. I need to get over it!
        good luck tomorrow, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they are able to help you out more

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