Week in Review – Feb. 7-13

I certainly didn’t expect to STOP running 13 days before my half. But, I realized my shin needs rest to heal and I want to be as close to 100% as I can possibly be. I went 5 days without any cardio, just continuing my yoga challenge. I’ll be continuing this no-running streak until race day and adding back biking (with little to no resistance and low gears only) just to keep my sanity. I’m really loving the yoga challenge I’m doing. It kind of spices things up! I’m glad I have this to focus on because I’m pretty sure I’d lose my marbles if I was straight up doing nothing.

We’re getting so close to being Disney bound. My suitcase is out and I’ve starting packing and adding more things to my list! Here’s what this week looked like.

Sunday – I biked 35 minutes + did the #runnersloveyogaCORE challenge day 3. 

Monday – I ran 4.15 miles + did day 4 of the yoga challenge + did 15 minutes of lower body weights. The plan was to do 30 minutes, but half way through my knees started to hurt so I decided to play it safe and end early. 

Tuesday – I did day 5 of the yoga challenge and decided to extend practice for another 20 minutes. I skipped my bike today. I woke up with some pain in my left leg (shin and just to the right of it). I figure it’s probably best to listen to my body, especially with the race coming up so soon. The yoga challenge picture today looks a lot like day 2, but the movement was very different. I had fun with this one, even though I couldn’t get my leg ‘to the sky’ as high as the video instruction showed.

Wednesday – Day 6 of the yoga challenge was a sequence with dolphin pose. I spent quite a bit of time working on this one. It’s still really challenging getting my leg up high. 

Thursday – Day 7 of the yoga challenge was another core specific sequence featuring downdog. I really liked the lowering of the leg and then raising back up. Definitely felt it in my abs! This sequence included warrior/warrior II also, which I always enjoy! It’s such a powerful pose. 

Friday – Day 8 of the yoga challenge was today. This one was pretty funny attempting! My hamstrings are stereotypical runners hammies…tighter than tight. So there was basically no way I was going to straighten my legs to do the toe to wrist touches. But I sure tried! It has been weird not running, and especially weird not doing my long run today. I miss it!! But, if I had to take time off this sure has been a good week to do it. It’s been freezing!!

Saturday – Day 9 (of 10!) of the yoga challenge “windshield wipers”. I tried both straight legged and bent. But bent was easier in my tiny living room to see the tv haha! I did day 9 while watching the Olympic Marathon Trials. Did you watch the trials? How exciting was that?! I really loved watching the women. It brought tears to my eyes seeing Cragg / Flanagan work as a team to get through the race and to see their interview post-race. Very cool they both will be on the team with Linden. I was rooting for Kara Goucher, one of the Elite Team Nuun’ers. So, that was a bummer to see her finish 4th…BUT, you could tell she gave it 110% and was such a fighter. Love that! She is so inspiring!

Wohooo it’s Disney week! I’m beyond excited for this trip. It’s my daughters first trip there, my first Run Disney experience, and the weather forecast is looking gorgeous! All that said, I have a teeny tiny bit of nerves about the race since I haven’t run in what feels like FOREVER. I hope I’m pain free (or at least minimal pain) and my breathing isn’t out of control. I have some goals I want to crush! One thing that freaks me out is the congestion during the race….it’s looking like a PR may be out of my hands (even if I feel great during the race) with literally standstill backups at points throughout the course. Check out this pic of runners going through Cinderella’s castle. Oyyy. I found some similar footage on You Tube from runners at past Princess races. That makes me a little sad. BUT, I will just try to enjoy the experience as a whole and *try* not to put all my eggs in the PR basket ;).


photo courtesy of the RunDisney instagram account

Has anyone taken nearly 2 weeks (or more) off and come back and been ok on their first run back? I need some hope!


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