Nuun Year Dash – Virtual Race

As you may have read, or seen on Instagram, I completed the Nuun Year Dash 10k as part of my peak week long run for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. This was my first time participating in a virtual race. I signed up because I love Nuun and like supporting them, and their charity partner, and the swag was pretty sweet too!

What exactly does a virtual race entail? Basically, instead of all participants gathering at one location for the start of the race, they can run anytime of the day and can complete the run anywhere…even on a treadmill. In this case, you had a few days to complete either a 5k or a 10k. Participants could login to the race website to record their finish time and see how they did among other finishers. After registering, I received some cool goodies in the mail like a t-shirt, finishers medal, stickers, an official bib, and Nuun energy samples.

I have never signed up for one in the past because I love the excitement and atmosphere at a traditional race. Although I definitely didn’t have any cheerleaders along my route for this virtual run, I was supporting the Challenged Athletes Foundation with every step and that is pretty cool! 

Definitely not a “race” time for me, but considering this was part of my half marathon training run and it was icy and snowy out, that’s a-ok. But, I have to admit…it was pretty cool finishing my longest run since October and putting on a pretty shiny medal at the end. 🙂 I ended up finishing 57th / 107th for the women’s 1ok — mid-packer for life ;).img_2096

Have you ever run a virtual race? Did you do the run solo or join a friend? Did the race support a certain charity? What are your thoughts on virtual races?


3 thoughts on “Nuun Year Dash – Virtual Race

  1. I just did this last Saturday. First time. It was 3 miles. I did it because I’m coming off injury and knew that if I went to the race I would push too hard and potentially set myself back. The race was only about 30 minutes away and had a virtual option that I was able to change to at the last minute.


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