Week in Review: Jan.31 – Feb. 6

Peak week is DONE and I’m feeling pretty good about getting close to race day! Here’s my week in photos…

Sunday –  Biked 10 miles on the bike trainer at a moderate moderate pace, and threw in a few hard minute intervals for fun.

Monday – I ran 4 miles (9:25 pace) in my “good” pair of New Balance shoes (940’s). My shin started hurting really early on (.15 miles in), BUT it was nowhere near the pain I had on Friday in the NB1540’s. YAY! Pretty well convinced that it was the shoes all along.

Tuesday – Biked 35 minutes in the afternoon + did 20 minutes of lower body weights, squats, leg lifts, etc. I did a 10 minute warm up on the bike + 15 minutes of 1 minute hard / 1 minute easy intervals + 10 minute cool down.

Wednesday – I ran 3.1 miles (9:28 pace) and felt pretty good! Very minimal shin pain. Then I did 30 minutes of upper body weights later in the afternoon. 

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – I ran 13.1 miles outside (9:57 pace) to end peak week and I had no shin pain! I think that pain is a thing of the past (yay!!). The first 6.2 miles (1:01:48, 9:58 pace) were for the Nuun Year Dash virtual run. So, I stopped my watch and took a photo of my time and continued on.
You can kind of see it in the picture above, but I wore my Nathan hydration belt filled with grape flavored Nuun so I wouldn’t have to go back to my car to get a drink.

Friday was also day 1 of the #runnersloveyogaCORE challenge. It’s 10 days of yoga focused on your core. It was my first time joining in on this kind of challenge, and I’m enjoying it! 

Saturday – Rest day and day 2 for the yoga challenge. Part of this flow video was really hard! I had to physically lift my leg up to my hands before moving on 😬. Oh so graceful haha! With some practice I think I will improve.

Moving on to taper time! It’s really coming up quickly! Very excited for such a unique experience. I do have some fears, but we’ll save that for another day :).

Have you ever participated in one of the #runnersloveyoga challenges on Instagram? I like that it gets you to try new things. And being committed to participate makes me take the time to take pictures, which is often eye opening to see my form. It’s always good to see what I can work on. Anyway, I hope you all had a great week!


4 thoughts on “Week in Review: Jan.31 – Feb. 6

    • Thanks Ali! I’m definitely faster than I was last year. Not sure if that’s due to biking, but I enjoy it regardless :). This weather sure makes my legs feel heavy though! I’m so excited to be in your state for a few days and soak up that warmer weather! This week most days are low to mid 20’s for highs, so the morning hours are especially freezing for runs! 😦


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