Week in Review – Jan. 24 – 30

I thought last week was a bit of a roller coaster, but this one took the cake! At one point I thought I really just had an issue with my running form on the treadmill and that was causing the shin pain because I had one pain free run outside. I quickly learned it was just a fluke run and perhaps my form has changed in the new shoes I’m in (I still haven’t found anything remotely close to my beloved model 13 or 14 Adrenalines). I had a painful run the end of the week, but it’s done and I’m ready for peak week.


I found this perfectly timed piece on running injuries in the March 2016 issue of Runner’s World magazine.

So yeah, I basically did what they said not to do and went from Stability to a cushioned shoe (NB 1540 — their most cushioned shoe they make). I only tried it because it was one of the only other shoes I hadn’t tried that comes in a 2E width. Anyway, I packed up the shoes and returned them. I love their awesome try and wear for 30 days return policy. I’m not expecting pain free runs in my other shoes because I’m already injured. But, I’m hopeful that after some time off post-half marathon I’ll be good as new!

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Sunday – Biked 15 miles of intervals. My husband joined me for about half of it. Such a sweaty mess after this! I am anxious for some rides on the paved trails. Very hopeful these tougher indoor interval rides will payoff and I’ll see outdoor riding at higher speeds a bit easier than last spring!
Monday – 20 minutes of lower body work + Ran 4.1 miles (9:26 pace) outside for the first time in weeks…..PAIN FREE! I thought all I needed was to run on some pavement after this run, but this was just a fluke! I’m thankful for those pain free miles!The side roads were a mess, so I had to modify my typical route. 

Tuesday – Super tough 30 minute bike ride on the trainer with my husband in the evening. We varied 20mph hard intervals with 13mph easy intervals. Ohhh yeah! Legs burrrrning! Then 25 minutes of upper body weights, tricep dips, and push-ups.

Wednesday – What was going to be a 3.1 mile easy run outside turned into an even shorter 2 miler on the treadmill due to intense pain. My daughter was sick and stayed home from school, so I tried to get it done inside instead of skipping it or going out in the dark at night (too scary with the footing – even with a headlamp). I wrapped it up in my Dr. Cool wrap and hoped for the best! These are the shoes that went back to the store.

Thursday – Rest day. Lately my leg has been ok the day after a run, but it was still sore today. I put on compression socks after all my errands in the morning and it felt a bit better.

Friday – I got in my 12 miler today, but it was a rough one. Probably one of the toughest training runs I’ve ever had. Mostly due to the shin pain, but my legs just felt like pure lead. I haven’t slept well the past few nights since my daughter has been up sick, and I could definitely tell I wasn’t feeling 100% when my run started. I took several stops to stretch and one to refuel. We all have runs that happen a little easier than others, but this definitely wasn’t one of the easier ones. This really just made me eager to get to race day so I can focus on healing my leg after. Definitely happy I got through this one!

Saturday – Rest day. My Nuun Year Dash goodies arrived today! I’ve never competed in a virtual run, but I love to support Nuun and all profits go toward the Challenged Athletes Foundation! The window of time for this race is Feb 5-8, so the 5 or 10k will be part of one of my training runs for the Princess Half. I’ll definitely share some pics of the swag and my ‘race’ when I complete it. 😀

Getting injured right before a race can be so frustrating. I know I’m not alone though! Has anyone else been injured before a big race? What happened? Did you go through with the race and rest/heal after? Or skip out on the race altogether?


2 thoughts on “Week in Review – Jan. 24 – 30

  1. Ok, so first, I loved the Adrenalines and can’t find the 13s or 14s anymore. So bummed! Definitely dealt with injuries leading up to race day. Thankfully I’ve been able to push through but one got me a stress fracture, so I don’t always advise it. However, as a runner, there seems to always be a little something nagging. It’s all the degree of pain and what it is. Having to take some time off now for a toe issue, and I’m getting antsy….I have 3 spring half marathons to get ready for!


  2. I had the same issue when I switched from stability to neutral-cushion. I really WANT to be able to use cushioned shoes and move away from stability, but it really hurts my shins! I’m glad you think you’ve figured it out! It took me a couple runs in my regular shoes for the shin splints to go away again.


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