Week in Review – Jan. 10 – 16

This week brought me into the double digits for my long run. I haven’t run that far since October! The next several months there is a lot of double digit runs on the calendar for my spring races. I have my fingers crossed we’ll see some above average temperatures return. I trained outside for nearly all my long runs for the spring marathon I did last year, and looking back I’m not sure how I did it! I ran in some of the worst conditions. And you all know, I’m not a speedy runner! So I was outside for a long time on Saturday mornings! I’m embracing the treadmill lately. Sometimes it’s just smarter to run inside to avoid icy roads, and sometimes I just plain want to avoid the frigid temperatures. Here’s how this week went…

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Ran 4 miles + 30 minutes of lower body work. It was absolutely freezing out, so I headed to the basement to get in the miles.

Tuesday – SNOW DAY for my kiddo! We had a nice slower start to the morning. I was able to actually sit and enjoy a cup of tea, which was so nice! I got a bunch of crafts/activities together for her and we headed to the basement for my workout. 15 miles on the bike trainer + 30 minutes of upper body work for the day. The bike was tough because of yesterday’s leg day. I’m wondering if I’ll ever get used to leg day. I’m so unbelievably sore, that it always makes the next workout a little more challenging.

Wednesday – Ran 3.1 miles (9:15 pace) in yet another pair of new shoes (New Balance 1540 v2). This was the 8th pair I’ve bought to try since September. I have been searching for a replacement to the Brooks Adrenaline’s that I’ve been so loyal to. Something happened when they got to model 15, because I suddenly can’t wear them anymore (numb feet). I got a pair of the New Balance 940’s that are ok, but I really probably should have returned to try a smaller size. So strange as I’m always at least a 9.5 and they feel a little long. Anyway, I was getting desperate and didn’t want to have to wait for another pair to arrive so I just kept them. The 1540’s in a 9.5 2E felt good, but my big toe nail cracked in half part of the way (from poor fitting cycling shoes! — yes, I have serious shoe problems!) so I was having a hard time judging feel as I had a bandage on my big toe. But, I felt very optimistic about these!

Thursday – 30 minute Runners Love Yoga video + 30 minutes shoveling snow (that has to count for something! lol). No pictures from today.

Friday – I ran 10 miles on the treadmill in my NB 1540’s and they felt good around my toes (typical problem area is on my right foot by the pinkie toe). I did have some odd lower leg pain in my left leg, but I think it’s unrelated to the shoes. I had some slight tingling, but  nothing bad enough to say I can’t run in them. The toe box is really nice and roomy and that alone usually is a huge battle trying to find a shoe that feels that good in that area. So onto another test run on Monday.

Saturday – Rest day. We had another appointment about our cabinets for the new house. Things are getting real! Pending a few things, we may start a month earlier than we originally anticipated.

I have been loving my ‘Yoga Thursday’s’! But, I’m shifting gears a bit back into cycling 2x a week as my crosstraining to round out my running. I’ll still be doing yoga throughout the week, but more so for stretching and relaxation and less about challenging myself with new poses. I love my yoga wheel though, so I’ll still be playing around with that and working on my flexibility there. But, it won’t be so rigidly scheduled — however the rest of my training will be very planned out. If you read my last post about the book I just picked up, you’ll know what I mean. I am basically re-writting my training calendar as I’m switching training plans for my bigger races this year. A little too late in the game for my half next month, but getting back on the bike for an extra ride each week will be nice. I ordered a new (supposed to be wider) pair of cycling shoes so hopefully I won’t do further damage my toenail while I wait for the new shoes to arrive. I’ll be testing the waters with some of the cycling workouts listed in the book.

Well, that’s a wrap! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Did you do anything fun over the weekend or anything new?


4 thoughts on “Week in Review – Jan. 10 – 16

  1. 10 miles on the tm! That’s dedication. I once had to do an 18 mile training run on a tm, but that I hope to never have to do that again! lol! It’s been cold and snowy and slippery here, so I’ve had to adjust a little. I like my trainer as well for cross training and intervals! Keep it up!


    • Thank you! 18 miles is nuts on the tm girl!! The longest tm run I’ve done was a 16 miler during marathon training. That was when I said, “NEVER again will I run a spring marathon.” Thus registering for a FALL marathon this year! 🙂 I definitely appreciate the option of running side, but running outside (in better conditions) is definitely more enjoyable!


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