Week in Review – Jan. 3 – 9

First full week of half marathon training in the books! My legs were sore a lot this week from the lower body days, but it’s a good burn 😉.

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – I ran 5.5 miles total (1.5 outside, 4 on the treadmill) + 20 minutes of lower body weights and squats. The first 1.5 were with a fellow #teamnuun member. We intended on going farther, but I just could not take the cold anymore. I struggle so bad in the cold with circulation to my hands and feet, and my feet were ice cubes so we headed back to chat for a bit and then I headed back home to run on the treadmill.  

Tuesday – Biked 15 miles + 30 minutes upper body weights.

Wednesday – I attempted a 5k PR, but didn’t succeed. I was 11 seconds away from the PR I set back in April 2015. It wasn’t great conditions out (cold and a head wind on the way back), but I’m still hopeful I will break that personal best this year as I will keep trying. After the 3.1 mile run, I did a 25 minute treadmill walk + 30 minutes lower body weights and squats/leg lifts in the evening. 

Thursday – I got the “Runners Love Yoga” DVD and did the hour long routine followed up with 20 minutes of various poses using my new yoga wheel prop. It makes working on strength and flexibility a lot of fun!  I also walked for an hour on a low incline on the treadmill.

Friday – I kept my daughter home from school to get some rest and hopefully kick this awful cold / cough she has going on. So, I swapped my long run for Saturday’s rest day.

Saturday – In the afternoon I hopped on the treadmill and ran my scheduled 9 miles (9:37 pace). I felt pretty good! I was anxious to use my new hydration belt that I got for Christmas and figured an indoor run would be a good time to test it out.  I filled the bottles with Fruit Punch Nuun …love that flavor! Once I got the belt tight enough, it was actually comfortable and it didn’t bounce much at all. Pretty happy about that! The bottles were easy to get out and put back in too. Definitely looking forward to using it again on a longer run.

Onto another week of training! What do you use to stay hydrated on long runs? Have you ever used a hydration belt during a marathon? Thoughts on using one?


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