Week in Review – Dec. 27 – Jan. 2

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

The last week of December was a bit unusual. I got sick around Christmas and decided to take some time off to get better. My left lower leg has been bothering me a little when I run, so I figured some time off would be good for that too.

On Sunday we did some appliance shopping for the new house, just to get an idea of what fits in our building allowance. I have been really enjoying picking out everything for the house! It’s so exciting! I can finally say we are building THIS year :).

Monday night at 7:30, our power went out. This was the second time in five days! Crazy weather to blame. This time we didn’t have to worry about our sump pump, since my husband got a backup system going. I was nervous about possibly having all our food go bad, but I was lucky to be able to pack it all up and somehow cram it all in my parents fridge and freezer. So we hung out at my parents for a while on Tuesday to stay warm. We were thinking we may end up sleeping over, but they got the power back on earlier than expected and we were home by about 1:30pm to unpack it all. Yes! 🎉👏

After all that, Tuesday afternoon called for some yoga. I had so much fun! Needless to say, my daughter enjoyed it too. She got her own yoga mat for Christmas, so we did a YouTube video together. Rather I did the full video, and she did a few minutes. She lasted about 5 minutes before it turned into a game of ‘look how silly I am.’ haha At least she had fun! 🙂

Her mat is so cool! It has strategically placed shapes printed on it, and it came with a pose chart that tells you what shapes you need to place your hands/feet on to be in proper form. It’s pretty neat! I just had the pose chart laminated to make it ‘kid proof’. I definitely suggest doing that if you purchase one for your child(ren). The mat comes in blue, as well as the pink shown in the picture.

By Wednesday I really turned a corner and was feeling much better! Just some minimal congestion. I did a 3.1 mile treadmill run (9:39 pace). The snow returned!img_1084

Thursday we headed up north to my grandpa’s place. My aunt, uncle and cousins were all up there too so we had a great time together at the ski club NYE party. My aunt and my mom stayed back and had some fun with the little girls. I hiked up a ski hill after midnight with my cousins, so that was a unique first experience in 2016!

Saturday I did an 8 mile treadmill run. My hamstrings and right ankle were little sore from climbing the ski hill, but ok other than that. I was originally going to be outside for this one, but decided to test out my Princess Half costume so I stuck to the treadmill. The top felt a little on the warm side, but everything was very comfortable. I think I’m ready to go! Today was technically the start of my half marathon training too.  

So lots of rest this week, but some good family time and I’m feeling ready to get back into my routine and get some good runs in. I’ll be PR hunting in February! 🙂 I’m getting pumped up for race day (7 weeks from today!).

When is your first race of 2016? Is anyone else running the Princess Half or run it in the past?


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