Weekly Workout Log – Dec. 13 – 19

Another week down and another week closer to 2016! I can barely contain my excitement!! 😉

Sunday – I biked 10 miles. I admittedly was in a grumpy mood in the morning, and decided to go burn off the frustration on the bike alone :).

Monday – I ran 4 miles (9:17 pace). It was raining, but I got changed into my running clothes — which included SHORTS! Seriously, what month is it?! Anyway, I go outside and the rain had stopped. When I reached my turn around point, it started raining again. I was soaked when I got home!IMG_0523IMG_0514

Tuesday – I biked 10 miles + 20 minutes of lower body weights / squats in the AM + a 2.5 mile walk in the afternoon. I’ve seriously neglected my weight bench the past few months and I can tell I’ve lost some strength and muscle definition. I’m going to make it a point to include weights more regularly.  I love my new helmet from Kali Protectives that I bought on cyber Monday! I’ve been wanting this one for a year, and the price was right that day 😀. Time to retire the old one. I’m looking forward to using it once I get back outside and off the trainer. 

Wednesday – 3.1 quick miles! I was 8 seconds away from my 5k PR. After that I came home and did 20 minutes of upper body weights. Holy moly. When I said I know I’ve lost some strength, I was mostly referring to my legs. Today was a huge wakeup call. Things that were once easy are now a challenge. Yikes! My arms were feeling pretty shaky the rest of the day.  

Thursday – Rest day and our first Christmas party of the year. Fun night out with my husbands friends from work.

Friday – I ran 8 miles. I did the big hill in town and then ran around the neighborhoods to finish it out. It was FREEZING! My hands and feet both didn’t warm up until mile 3 (I did wear gloves). Eeek! But, it’s done and finishing always feels like it’s time for a victory dance ;).


Saturday – Rest day and Christmas party #2 was today with my husband’s extended family. It’s always fun watching the kids open gifts!

Looking forward to Christmas week! Three more parties to go! 🙂

What are your plans for Christmas? Any fun traditions? Now as a mom, it’s fun doing some of the Christmas traditions I grew up with all over again with my daughter. And of course making some new family traditions too! We’ve been decorating a gingerbread house with her since she was 2. It’s so much fun, and something we didn’t really do regularly growing up. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


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