Weekly Workout Log – Dec. 6 – 12

The first full week of December is in the books!

Sunday – I normally just go off of miles for biking, but my husband and I woke up feeling like we were coming down with something so we took it easy on the bike trainers. Just rode at an easy pace/resistance for 35 minutes. Luckily, it turned out to just be a fluke! We both felt fine on Monday.


Monday – I ran 4 miles through some paved trails and did some hills. Fun run!

Tuesday – I biked 15 miles in the trainer. I pushed the pace and was left feeling ready for rest day!

Wednesday – Rest day. I finished my Christmas shopping today, and finished up wrapping too! YAY! I finally stopped in at @madeinmichiganstore and pretty much wanted everything in the store haha. They had so many cool Michigan made products! I want one of the lower peninsula adirondack chairs and the upper peninsula bench (not pictured) for the deck on our new house. So cute!

Thursday – I ran 3.1 miles with my mom. We hadn’t run together for quite a while, so it was a nice change. This picture just makes me laugh. Lots of laughter while I tried to take a mid-run picture.

Friday – I decided to take a drive to GH for a run today. Something happened today that has never happened on a run before…I tripped on some uneven sidewalk and fell! Totally laughing about it now, but I was so embarrassed as I dove into the grass and several cars drove right by. So glad I made it into the grass instead of crashing on the sidewalk, or I’d probably be in rough shape. Between the spill and the wind, it was a tough one. Legs didn’t feel 100%, but I finished it! 7 miles (9:51 pace).

IMG_0453I had to stop outside this store for a quick picture. Mitten! 🙂

 I didn’t make it down the pier very far as it was pretty wet and the waves were picking up. Safety first! 🙂

Saturday – Morning yoga. I had the house to myself this morning so I did a ‘morning flow’ video and some more practice doing fallen angel.  It’s been too long since I did yoga last, and I could tell. It felt good getting back at it though.IMG_0483

My original plan was to stay at 5-6 miles for my ‘long’ run base before increasing for my first race in 2016 (a half marathon), but I’ve been doing 7 milers for a few weeks now. Thus, my “official” start to half training will begin the beginning of January instead. I’m so pumped up for 2016! But first, Christmas! 🎄


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