Weekly Workout Log – Nov. 29 – Dec. 5

It’s DECEMBER!!!!!! Honestly, I don’t know where this year went. But it sure has been a fun one <– more on that later!

Sunday – Rest day. Normally I’d be biking with my hubby on the trainers, but my legs were feeling my run yesterday. I forgot to put on compression socks after :(. Oops! But, we got in a walk on the trails at a park as a family.

Who loves Thanksgiving leftovers? I made this soup on Saturday with some of the Turkey leftovers we had. It had carrots, onion, celery, sweet potato, rice and a little garlic, parsley, and salt and pepper. I added some green onions when serving. Pretty simple, but pretty good and even better the second day.


Monday – I ran 4 miles. I put all my layers on and headed out for an easy paced chilly run. I ended up at 9:55 average pace and felt really good throughout. I’m still surprised by how much 25-45 seconds per mile faster can make me feel like I’m really working, vs. running just that much slower can make me feel like I could run for many more miles. It’s a good feeling, heading into next year with some BIG races on the calendar.


The sky looked so cool on the way back!IMG_0207

Tuesday – 22 indoor bike miles in the AM — pretty sure that’s the farthest I’ve gone on the trainer. It’s always so hard to get out of your warm clothes to put on bike shorts, but I felt so much better after that good sweat! I love this bike!


Wednesday – I ran 3.1 miles (9:31 pace) in my Anna, from Frozen, braids. I’ll be dressed as the character for the princess half marathon and wanted to see how they’ll hold up :).


Thursday – Was originally planning on yoga, but it just didn’t happen today.

Friday – 7 hilly afternoon miles! I drove to a park to start my run, and on the way over I saw about 10 wild turkeys in someone’s front yard. I have seen turkeys there in that area before, but not that many. So I decided I’d try make it over there to get a picture with them lol. I got to the park and took a picture and then left for the turkeys :).


I haven’t run that road in a long time. It’s a pretty good climb up, especially when you don’t usually get much elevation gain. The turkeys had vanished by the time I got to the top though. 😦 I headed back towards the park and did a 2 mile flat stretch before deciding to head back up the hill. I was proud I did them without stopping! Especially since I haven’t really done hills since The Great Turtle. I used to have to take a break at the top, so I’m very happy with the improvements I’ve been making. It definitely brightened my day heading into the weekend with a solid run in.


Saturday – Such  a fun rest day! We took my daughter to meet Santa in the morning and then at night we went to a local Christmas parade. So much fun!

IMG_0279Here’s a Coast Guard boat all decorated.IMG_0309..and some horses and a dog twinkling in Christmas lights.IMG_0315This truck was definitely the brightest!

I’m very type A and like to plan things, so I’m often thinking and planning ahead. In the same breath, I do lots of reflecting. We sure crammed a lot of wonderful wonderful memories into 2015! My racing season brought me smiles for miles, and some tears too (mostly happy ones). I’m looking forward to writing up my 2016 goals post & 2015 year-end review.


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