Weekly Workout Log – Dec. 13 – 19

Another week down and another week closer to 2016! I can barely contain my excitement!! 😉

Sunday – I biked 10 miles. I admittedly was in a grumpy mood in the morning, and decided to go burn off the frustration on the bike alone :).

Monday – I ran 4 miles (9:17 pace). It was raining, but I got changed into my running clothes — which included SHORTS! Seriously, what month is it?! Anyway, I go outside and the rain had stopped. When I reached my turn around point, it started raining again. I was soaked when I got home!IMG_0523IMG_0514

Tuesday – I biked 10 miles + 20 minutes of lower body weights / squats in the AM + a 2.5 mile walk in the afternoon. I’ve seriously neglected my weight bench the past few months and I can tell I’ve lost some strength and muscle definition. I’m going to make it a point to include weights more regularly.  I love my new helmet from Kali Protectives that I bought on cyber Monday! I’ve been wanting this one for a year, and the price was right that day 😀. Time to retire the old one. I’m looking forward to using it once I get back outside and off the trainer. 

Wednesday – 3.1 quick miles! I was 8 seconds away from my 5k PR. After that I came home and did 20 minutes of upper body weights. Holy moly. When I said I know I’ve lost some strength, I was mostly referring to my legs. Today was a huge wakeup call. Things that were once easy are now a challenge. Yikes! My arms were feeling pretty shaky the rest of the day.  

Thursday – Rest day and our first Christmas party of the year. Fun night out with my husbands friends from work.

Friday – I ran 8 miles. I did the big hill in town and then ran around the neighborhoods to finish it out. It was FREEZING! My hands and feet both didn’t warm up until mile 3 (I did wear gloves). Eeek! But, it’s done and finishing always feels like it’s time for a victory dance ;).


Saturday – Rest day and Christmas party #2 was today with my husband’s extended family. It’s always fun watching the kids open gifts!

Looking forward to Christmas week! Three more parties to go! 🙂

What are your plans for Christmas? Any fun traditions? Now as a mom, it’s fun doing some of the Christmas traditions I grew up with all over again with my daughter. And of course making some new family traditions too! We’ve been decorating a gingerbread house with her since she was 2. It’s so much fun, and something we didn’t really do regularly growing up. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Running for Team Nuun in 2016!


I’m so excited to announce I was selected to be part of Nuun Hydration’s competitive racing team, Team Nuun. Little ol’ me!?! I’m honored, as Nuun has played a key role in my training and racing. If you’ve read my “Favorites” page, you already know I used to suffer from exercise induced headaches. The worst! Electrolyte imbalance is no joke, and Nuun has been so beneficial in keeping me on my A-game. I always have Nuun on hand, especially for after a long run or bike ride. I am picky about what I eat and drink, and Nuun meets the criteria with it’s clean ingredients.


There was about a two week window of time that they accepted applications for their Ambassador program. In that time they received 1,400+ applications. That’s a record high! They have an Elite team, and then 2 levels of support athletes: Team Nuun, and Nuunbassadors. So pumped to be part of Team Nuun!

What does this mean? Well, I’ll continue to show my #nuunlove on Instagram, here on my blog, at races, and in my community. I will have a bio featured on Nuun’s athlete page, have a chance at being a guest blogger on their blog, be first to know of new products, get special team-only opportunities to race with Nuun, a nice product discount, etc.

2016 is already shaping up to be an epic year!

Do you use Nuun products? What’s your favorite flavor? I’m partial to Fruit Punch, but really like them all.