Weekly Workout Log – Nov. 22 – 28

The last full week of November has come and gone! We had our first real snow fall for the season this week. It didn’t stick around long, but my daughter had a good time playing in it (me too ;)) while it was here.

Sunday – I did a 10 mile indoor bike with my husband. He made a little change to our set-up. We now have two small screens to watch cycling videos for our rides. Really loving these Sunday bike rides together :).

It was so pretty looking outside this morning!



After getting cleaned up after our ride we headed outside to play in the snow with our daughter. We really didn’t get much snow, but she’s loving it already! We just had to build a little family of snowmen. Guess which one is me ;).


Monday – I ran 4 miles on the treadmill (9:44 pace). I really wanted to get my run done in the morning, but I got so busy with household chores it didn’t happen until later in the day. My kiddo had a half day, so we were busy in the afternoon playing in the snow, starting some Christmas gift crafts, reading, etc. so I waited until just before dinner to get this run in. But, I got it done! 🙂IMG_0089


Tuesday – Rest day. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my body can only handle three cardio days in a row before I feel like I need a rest day.

Wednesday – I biked 20 miles on the trainer. My shirt was completely soaked at the end of it :). I love my bike!


Thursday – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I ran 3.1 miles in the rain in the morning before heading out to celebrate with family.

Friday – It was a planned rest day for me, but we still got out for a nice walk as a family as part of the #optoutside campaign.


Saturday – I ran 7 miles in the afternoon. I decided to go grocery shopping in the morning and let it warm up as much as it could before I went out for my run. I headed out after lunch and was not very excited about it. But, I found my ‘grove’ and the miles just passed quicker than I thought they would. I ended up going farther than I had originally planned on and kept a good steady pace, so I was pretty happy about this run.


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a great day split between my husband’s family, as well as mine. That’s the beauty of all living close by :). That being said, I’m ready for December! I’m ready for Christmas parties and the official start to my half marathon training, which will begin mid to late December. Cheers to another good week!


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