Weekly Workout Log – Nov. 15 – 21

It’s suddenly feeling like winter now! First snow fell the end of this week. I was lucky to get in an outdoor run this week in beautiful weather before the snow hit. Not gonna lie, even though my last run of the week I was getting pelted in the face with snow, I really did enjoy seeing all the trees covered in white. Once again, this month has really flown by! I’m having a hard time believing it’s Thanksgiving next week. So much to be thankful for!

Here’s with this week looked like:

Sunday – Biked 10 miles on the trainer with my husband. No exciting photos ;). Then a 30 min. walk with my family.


Monday – Ran 4 miles outside. It was another 60+ degree day here! Really appreciating this run, especially now that the snow is flying!

Loving my new ‘love and gratitude’ wrap. Isn’t it cute?! Momentum Jewelry has an awesome coupon code available. Use ‘HealthyHoliday15’ for 15% off your purchase through 12.10.15. I got my daughter a ‘Dream Big’ wrap for a stocking stuffer. Can’t wait to see her face when she sees it! She’s been commenting on mine lately, so I’m sure she’ll love it!

fb IMG_1114

Tuesday – Evening bike ride (10 miles) with my husband on our bike trainers. I love that these are quiet enough to use after our daughter goes to bed. It was a good time — even though we don’t look very happy haha! The one thing I don’t like about working out at night is it takes me forever to wind down after, and I never sleep well the night of an evening run or bike. Anyone else like that too?

fb IMG_1161I love this cycling jersey so much! My husband gave it to me on Mother’s Day this year. He knows me so well :).IMAG7227

Wednesday – 45 min. of yoga today (videos and individual pose practice). Still working on my ‘Fallen Angel’ pose. I was laughing as I tried taking a picture of me in the pose. Really should have done a video just for comic relief ;). I’m having a hard time lifting my hip up, so I can’t get my bent leg parallel to the extended leg. I’ve got this weird foot flexing thing happening because of it haha! But, it’s progress. For a long time I couldn’t get my leg up at all. So, I’ll celebrate little victories :).

ig IMG_1213

Side note…I got stuck in the middle of a downpour rain while picking up my daughter from school. But, when I was making dinner I looked out the window and saw this awesome double rainbow :).


And then a gorgeous sunset to follow. So beautiful!

ig IMG_1342

Thursday – Ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill (9:40 pace). The pic is from Monday’s run. Legs were feeling kind of fatigued and sluggish. I put on a pair of my Tiux compression socks after to help.

fb IMG_1055

Friday – Rest day. I’m trying to do my long runs on Friday’s now, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

Saturday – First run in the snow for the season! 6 miles (9:35 pace). My fleece was completely caked in snow at the end of this run haha! Many more snow filled training runs in my future with my first race of next year in February!



Moving on to the last full week of November! I’m so excited for Thanksgiving! We always have a full day with family. We do Thanksgiving lunch with my husband’s family, and then dinner with my family. Always good to see everyone and enjoy some delicious food together! I’m a sweet potato loving girl and tend to gravitate towards dishes that include include them. I just made a honey glazed root vegetables dish recently and am thinking about bringing that (it has sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and red onions in it). The best part is it’s a slow cooker dish, so no taking up that precious oven space. Last year I brought a quinoa, apple & sweet potato stuffing dish that was really yummy!

Where are you from? Is the snow flying yet? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Are you hosting dinner or joining family or friends? How e you’re celebrating, I hope you enjoy your time with loved ones!


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