Weekly Workout Log – Nov. 8 – 14 + Marathon Training Partner!

The second week of November started with a very exciting conversation between my husband and I about possibly running a marathon together next year. This was pretty exciting for me because I love running with him, but it generally only happens when we’re at the cottage in the summer and occasionally a race. I think my husband is a natural born runner. If he trained, I have no doubt he would be a Boston qualifier. He just doesn’t have the interest in doing that, but he does want to spend time with me and doesn’t mind running. We were talking about the time it takes to train, and how it would be nice to still be together. So, if it all works out, he will be running his first marathon with me in the fall of 2016. It’ll be my second marathon, and I have some big goals set. I think running with my husband would make the miles go by faster and it would be so great to have each other to encourage and keep each other motivated. We are going to try to make it work to do our weekend long runs together, as well as some of the cross training. Just figuring out what set of grandparents will be available for what weekends. If for some reason neither set of grandparents can help out, I would run Friday and tell my husband my average pace and he would try to run that pace on Saturday. We are so lucky to have both sets of grandparents nearby that are always eager to spend time with our ‘peanut’ :).

Sunday – Biked 16 miles on the trainer with my husband. I averaged 18.5mph. We finally got a second trainer so we can both ride together. We hooked up an old computer to our tv to show YouTube cycling videos while we bike. Definitely makes the time pass quicker having someone next to you and watching a video.

bike setup


Monday – Ran 4 miles in my new Brooks Adrenaline 16’s. I love when I get a new Runner’s World magazine in the mail, so that was nice to see upon returning :).



Tuesday – Rest day. My poor mom twisted her ankle while she was running yesterday. OUCH! It’s all black and blue and swollen. She’s not very mobile right now, so I went over and kept her company today :). I woke up with ITB issues too, so definitely a rest day.

Wednesday – As much as I wanted to get in another run in my new shoes in what may be one of the last really warm days this year, I was just not feeling great today. And my ITB is super sore.  I’ll go ahead and blame my lack of myrtle exercises lately for that. Stretched and iced.

Thursday – Just to be on the safe side, I took today off and foam rolled like it was my job. I also got Christmas shopping done for FIVE people today!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!!!


Friday – Ran 5 miles on the treadmill enjoying the Christmas decorations I just put up. The tree is going up in a week! 🙂 I just love Christmas decorations, so I couldn’t help putting up some garland with some lights and ornaments.


Saturday – Rest day. I spent the morning at the place we’re getting our flooring for the new house. Re-evaluating our options and getting a new quote with the new floor plan. Seriously, when did picking out flooring samples become exciting?! Feeling very adult haha!

I had a wake-up call when I looked at my spreadsheet I keep of how many miles are on each pair of shoes I own. I’m getting up there for one pair, so I’m now wondering if the shin pain I had recently was simply because my shoes are on their way out. That has been pretty typical for past shoes, so it’s that or a combination of that and just pushing pace too much. Great time to get the new shoes! 🙂 Hopefully this solves my issues and I can get back to pain-free happy running!


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