Weekly Workout Log – Nov. 1 – 7 + Run Streak is Over + Getting ‘Glutened’

This week was the beginning, and sadly the end, of my November run streak. I had never run more than 5 days in a row, so I was unsure how this would all go. The plan was to take it easy on my normal “non-run” days, but as you’ll see that didn’t happen. Thus, I ended my streak prematurely just to avoid further shin irritation.

We had some amazing weather most of the week getting into the 70’s multiple times. It felt a bit odd running in “summer” gear, but it was pretty nice! Here’s what the first week of November looked like:

Sunday – Ran 2 miles (8:40 pace). Pretty sure I’ve never run 2 miles that fast! Great first day of my November run streak. Loved seeing the sun come up! 🙂


Monday – Ran 3.25 miles (9:02 pace). Gorgeous weather and scenery makes for a happy run!

nov2warmrunfb IMG_0509

Tuesday – Biked 30 miles on the bike trainer — The farthest indoor ride I’ve ever done! Followed up the ride with an easy paced 1 mile run to continue my run streak.

IMAG7121 IMAG7125

Wednesday – Yoga for 30 minutes + Ran 2 miles (9:12 pace). I really need to slow it down. I unfortunately didn’t realize this until it was too late. I’ve been unintentionally pushing my pace lately and from experience, I know I usually get injured when I do that too often. I purposely did a faster run on Sunday, but since then it’s been unintentional. There is a place for easy runs, and I need to do them more often. Ideally, I should have been upper 9’s / low 10’s taking it easy. I am making it a point now to be more pace aware now. If I would have taken it slower, I probably would have been fine. But, I need a rest day now for my shins :(. I won’t be meeting my last 2 goals for the year, but I’m ok with it considering how the year was overall.


Thursday – Rest day :(. Bye bye run streak! Foam rolled, stretched and took my dog for a 30 minute walk. This morning will go down as one of the worst I’ve had in a long time. I ate 2 of the blueberry pancakes I made for breakfast for my daughter and I before school, thinking I grabbed the Bob’s Red Mill gluten free mix. Yeah…let’s just say It wasn’t until after I ate them that I realized I grabbed the Bob’s Red Mill Organic High Fiber (wheat) Pancake Mix. I glutened myself! I normally don’t even buy regular wheat mixes, but a few weeks ago they were out of the GF stuff so I just got some of the regular mix for her and just avoided it. I bought the GF mix when they had it, and the bags look so similar so when I was half asleep I guess I just grabbed the wrong one without thinking about it. Worst feeling ever knowing that in several hours I’ll feel like I’ve been drugged. Never buying a wheat mix again! Not my brightest moment ;).

Friday – Sure enough, Friday AM rolls around and I’m in full-on walking zombie mode. I’m talking, I go grocery shopping and am so exhausted when I return that I take a nap. Naps are generally a rarity! I have great energy levels so this is absolute torture. Somehow managed to run 5 slow miles (10:24 pace) on the treadmill post nap. Since I am being super cautious, I decided the treadmill was my best bet today to force myself to slow it down a bit (although considering the state I’m in I probably would have been fine outside ha!). Also, let’s be real…really didn’t want to run in 20 mph winds. 😉 No shin pain, so I’m happy about that! My daughter had a bunch of stickers sitting out and saw this gold star and said, “Yep! I earned that!” 🙂 Glad I forced myself to do it even though my energy was lacking.


Saturday – Rest day. I enjoyed a date night out with my hubby tonight. Dinner and a few errands, but when they include a stop for running shoes and pumpkin butter, errands are a-okay! 🙂 I special ordered the newest Brooks Adrenaline’s since I wear an extra wide width and they came in at my local running store. We had to stop at Trader Joe’s too, because who can resist that pumpkin butter?!


I’m going to switch things up and try doing my long runs on Friday’s like I did this week (as long as my schedule and daughter’s school schedule permits) to allow for more family time on the weekends.


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