Weekly Workout Log – Oct. 25 – 31 + November Run Streak

Did October fly by, or what?! I am super happy about how this years racing season went. November is my month “off” from training. So, I’ll be doing something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year and just haven’t had the opportunity to do it….complete a run streak! 🙂 I’ll be running a minimum of a mile every day in the month of November. Training for my first race of 2016 won’t start until mid-December, so November seemed like the perfect time to complete the challenge. Anyone else going to participate?! 🙂 Join me!

Here’s what the last week of October looked like:

Sunday – Rest day. Leg muscles felt pretty good. Shins slightly sore from the hills, and my shoulders felt super sore from being so tense from running through all the mud at Saturday’s race. Spent some time foam rolling.

Monday – I gave myself an extra rest day to recover a bit more. Definitely experiencing some delayed soreness. Shins are more sore than yesterday. More foam rolling.

Tuesday – Another windy run! Ran 3.1 miles (9:26 pace). I had to stop TWICE to stretch though. My shins were on fire! Thanks Mackinac haha! 😉 Foam rolled and stretched after the run.

photo copy

I wore this cute new run Michigan shirt under my jacket. I got it at packet pick-up on Saturday. Love it! Notice my shoes…My brooks are still dirty and wet so I had to wear these. Someone on IG suggested I throw them in the washing machine with some old towels and then air dry with newspapers stuffed inside. So I did put them in there (without the inserts) and they didn’t really come clean. I tried my blue dawn / hydrogen peroxide / baking soda scrub on them too, which helped a lot. Just trying to dry them out now so I can hopefully wear them later this week.

fb IMG_0213

Wednesday – Biked 20 miles on the bike trainer. Farthest I’ve gone for an inside ride in a looong time! I was dripping by the time I was done. Did some foam rolling after too. Shins feel pretty good today!


Thursday – Ran 4 miles (9:27 pace) on the treadmill to avoid the rain!

teamtiux compression socks

Friday – Ran 5 miles for my 5 year old birthday girl! Notice I’m wearing my ‘muddin’ shoes :). They cleaned up pretty good actually. They look about the same as the second pair I have of this same shoe that I definitely didn’t go trail running in the rain in, so I’m pretty happy about that. I’m just going to keep a 5-6 mile “long” run base before ramping it up in December for the Disney Princess Half Marathon training. YAAAY! I cannot control my excitement about this race!! Busy weekend ahead, and lots of rain the forecast so I opted to get it in today.

IMAG7072 IMAG7068

Saturday – Rest day. Happy Halloween!! Be safe, friends!

Bring on that November Run Streak! 🙂


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