Product Review: Tiux Compression Socks + Comparison with Vitalsox and Zensah (UPDATED with ProCompression)

I was so excited when Steven from Tiux contacted me and offered a pair of their compression socks to try out. Tiux is pronounced tee-oo. It’s a Mien word that means to run/jump.

I was just getting up there in miles for my Great Turtle Half Marathon Trail Run training and it just seemed like the perfect time to try it out and write an honest review of their compression socks. I was only using compression socks for half-marathon distance or longer runs. As I was approaching that distance in training, I realized I could probably benefit from using compression in recovery as well. I knew they were supposed to be beneficial in recovery, but for whatever reason I never put another pair on after a long run.


Besides Tiux, I own two pair of Vitalsox Graduated Compresson Performance Socks. I bought them after hunting for a pair of compression socks that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I wanted them for long runs and long run recovery. They had good reviews, so I gave them a shot. They were my first pair of compression socks, so I had nothing to compare them to. I used them during my long runs for marathon training and during the race. I intended on wearing them following the race, but ended up not (and regretting that decision!). Since then, I have worn them after some longer training runs and feel my legs benefited from that.


When I received the Tiux socks, I immediately went out for a 3 mile run in them. I wanted to get as many runs in them as possible, and of varying distances, so I got started right away to give the most educated review I could. I used them mostly for my long runs though. I was lucky and won a second pair of them, so I was able to use one for the run and the other for recovery. They were amazing! I used them after my 12-13 mile training runs and the next day I felt like I didn’t even run! It was incredible! My legs have always felt tired after running a distance like that without compression, so this was a wonderful feeling. I wore my neon yellow socks during the Great Turtle Half under my running tights, and then changed to the pink ones after the race. I kept them on the rest of the day and and once again my legs felt pretty good in the days following. My shins were a little sore from the hills (which happens whenever I do hills), but my legs didn’t feel “tired” like they have in the past. I could have easily run the next day, although I took a few days off as I generally do that after bigger races.


Wearing Tiux compression socks post race on the way home.

I also thought it would be fun to try out another brand that is a bit more expensive. My mom swears by Zensah compression, so I borrowed hers since we’re in the same size. But, I had an issue with the toe seam not being very comfortable. I didn’t have the opportunity to try these in recovery.



Tiux Compression Socks:

The Good

  • The fabric is comfortable. Very smooth!
  • They make my calves feel supported.
  • They’re $35 a pair, which is a great price point for compression socks!
  • They wash up great!
  • They are labeled with an ‘L’ for left and ‘R’ for right on the big toe, which makes the fit around the toes perfect!
  • They reduced muscle fatigue when worn after a run

The Not So Good

  • Limited number of color/pattern choices.
  • The sizing chart might not be accurate. See “The Verdict” below for a suggestion.

Compare / Contrast

  • Zensah – toe seam felt weird during run, got slightly worn looking after several washes, thicker fabric than both Tiux and Vitalsox – $49.99/pair
  • Tiux – stays in place, perfect fit around toes, holds up after many washes, reduces muscle fatigue when worn for recovery, thinner fabric than Zensah and Vitalsox – $35/pair
  • Vitalsox – stays in place, ok fit around toes, holds up after many washes, reduces muscle fatigue when worn for recovery, slightly thicker fabric than Tiux – $35/pair
  • Updated: ProCompression topped this list of compression socks I’ve tried. They are the only compression socks I’ll wear now. All the good from the socks above, plus they don’t stretch out like Tiux seems to do after many wear/washes.

The Verdict:

Tiux are great compression socks, but they don’t last as long as ProCompression. If you’d like to try Tiux, I suggest contacting the company with your measurements and having them suggest a size. Had I gone off of the size chart alone, I would have ended up in a larger size than what was using and what worked for me before they got too stretched out. They have you measure the widest part of calf + ankle. Tiux are definitely one of the more comfortable brands I’ve used. I was surprised the Zensah slid down during the run because they felt slightly tighter (barely noticeable) than both Tiux and Vitalsox. I’m not sure if it truly is, or if it’s just a difference in fabric since I’d say they’re thicker than Tiux and Vitalsox.

Ready to ‘run, jump, go’? Here’s a coupon for 10% off Tiux compression socks that is good through December 31, 2015.

****2016 UPDATE: I finally gave ProCompression a try and I’m hooked! I’m sad I waited this long to try. They made marathon training recovery so smooth. I mostly used them post-run, but they’re great during a run as well. I had no issues getting my runs done and the muscle fatigue I expected was definitely reduced using them. And, an added bonus…lots of color/print choices! None of the brands I’ve tried have been “bad”, but I think ProCompression socks last longer (don’t get stretched out). PC often has great deals on their socks if you buy several pair at a time (in two of my orders, the socks were only $20 a pair!). You cannot beat that, especially for the quality! 💗

Disclaimer: Tiux sent me a free pair of the compression socks to try. I was not paid to write the review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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