Weekly Workout Log – Oct. 18 – 24

Race week!

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Ran 4 miles (9:28 pace). It was soooo windy! I mean like, these gusts of wind are so strong I hope I don’t fall over kind of strong ha! Good news, I made it :).


Tuesday – Biked 14  miles on the trainer.


Wednesday – Ran 3.1 miles (9:12 pace). Last shortie before the race! I’m excited to say the least :). Also very happy I didn’t have to wear layers even going as early as I did. Very pleasant temps!
photo 1photo 3

Thursday – Ended up taking a rest day today. Today was supposed to be yoga day, but I got a lot done around the house after I got home from my daughter’s field trip that morning.

Friday – Rest day – headed up to Mackinac Island.

Saturday – Ran ‘The Great Turtle Half Marathon Trail Run’ on Mackinac Island in the rain and mud! (PR of 2:18:31, 10:33 pace) Race 3 of 3 on the island for the year! Race recap coming soon!



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