Weekly Workout Log – Oct. 11 – 17

Week 12 is in the books! How is my half marathon THIS week already?! Training went by so fast, even though it was longer than normal! Generally it wouldn’t take me 13 weeks to train for a half, but I had a few races in there that bumped my long runs off a week. So, it ended up being a bit longer. Here’s what this past weeks training consisted of:

Sunday – Rest day. We had another appointment with our kitchen designer since our floor plan for the new house has changed. It’s so exciting going over all these details!

Monday – Ran 3.1 miles (9:26 pace).

photo 1 photo 2

Tuesday – Biked 15 miles + 20 minutes of weights and squats.


Wednesday – Ran 4 miles (9:18 pace) through a park and around a school campus. I’m the biggest baby when it comes to cold temperatures. I mean, yes…I am tough because I have run double digit mile runs in sub-zero temperatures. BUT, that doesn’t mean I embrace it. I love running, so to reach my current goal I get out there and run even if it means dreading the initial shock to the body. It’s that ‘dig deep’ mantra that I have to repeat to just get up and do it! You’ll never regret a run :). Even in the upper 40’s today, I procrastinated around the house for about 2 hours before I finally got out the door haha! The sun DID show her beautiful face towards the end which made it so worth it! 🙂
fb IMG_9567


Thursday – Yoga for 1 hour.  I used my “Yoga Bible” book and went through several poses and spent a bit of time focusing on arm pressure balance and fallen angel as these are two poses that I’ve gotten close with but I’m still not there. I did get off the ground for a second in arm balance though! Showing some signs of improvement, which is always exciting!

IMG_9789 IMG_9807

Friday – Ran 8 miles (9:38 pace). I was so busy getting ready to leave for the weekend that I just decided to go knock out this ‘taper’ long run on the treadmill.


Saturday – Rest day. Spent the day celebrating my daughter’s 5th birthday a little early with a trip to Chicago to visit the American Girl Place store to pick out a doll. Of course we had to indulge in some delicious pizza while visiting. Props to Giordano’s for offering a gluten free pizza! It wasn’t your traditional deep dish, but I’ll take what I can get. I basically ate my weight in pizza there haha! I got the GF “super veggie” and loved it! It had mushrooms, green peppers, onions, broccoli (yes…I swear it was actually good!), black olives, artichokes, and spinach on it. Oh my gosh…can I go back now?! Thankful our hotel room had a refrigerator for all the leftovers, although they didn’t make it past dinner time ;).


That ends “taper” week. On to race week!!!


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