Weekly Workout Log – Oct. 4 – 10

Another week down! Race day is fast approaching and I’m getting really excited to see how I’ll do. AND to collect that beautiful medal PLUS the trio medal for running all three Mackinac Island races this year. I love my race bling! 🙂 Here’s how week 11 went.

Sunday – Rest day. I went through the Myrtle exercises for hip/glute strengthening.

Monday – Ran 4 miles (9:15 pace). I didn’t even feel like running today, but I kicked myself out the door after procrastinating with household chores for a bit. Ended up feeling amazing! Legs felt really good. Pretty excited about the pace and negative splits!



Tuesday – 15 miles on the bike trainer + 20 minutes of lower body weights and squats + walked the dog for 30 minutes + 10 min. going through Myrtle exercises. I got my bike moved back inside and back on the trainer. I really hope to get out for a fall ride on the trails with my husband, but fall is so busy! So many fun things going on, and not enough time to do everything.


Wednesday – Ran 3.1 miles (9:37 pace). I usually run in the mornings, but it was so ridiculously foggy out I decided to hold off until the afternoon for safety.


Yeah…that foggy! Yikes! I ended up running at a park and doing a mixture of dirt trails and pavement. It was so beautiful out!

a fb IMG_8704

Thursday – 30 minutes of yoga + walked dog for 30 minutes. First time getting into baby grasshopper pose! I found I can do this pose on this side, but not the other. Practice, practice, practice!


Friday – Rest day. I walked the dog for 30 minutes.

Saturday – Ran 13.1 miles + 10 min. going through Myrtle exercises. My hips were a bit sore from yoga on Thursday, so I was in dire need of a date with the foam roller after the run. Hurts so good! 😉


Yes!!!!! That was a good run. I ran with the GH Run Club and the guy that ran about 9 or so of it with me really pushed me. I ended up with my best half time ever! Honestly not expecting a time like this for my race in two weeks, as I’ve heard the hills are plentiful and they’re still a major weakness for me (let’s be real…I don’t do much hill work). However, I’m confident I’ll come in faster than the past two half marathon races I’ve done.

That ends PEAK WEEK!!! Pretty darn happy with how that went down. It’s taper time!


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