Weekly Workout Log – Sept. 27 – Oct. 3

This was my 10th week of half-marathon training.

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Biked 11 miles. Took it easy for pace and enjoyed what is probably one of the last warm outdoor biking opportunities we’ll have for the year.


Tuesday – Ran 4 miles (9:06 pace) going in and out of the rain! It was just sprinkling out though, so not bad at all :).
photo 3

After going back to my local running store today to dig a little deeper into my shoe options, we came to the conclusion that there literally are ZERO shoes out there that will work for my feet that are a neutral and come in a 2E width. My feet are happy in my Brooks Adrenalines even though they’re stability shoes. I just figured maybe it was part of my recurring ITB issues being in the ‘wrong’ type of shoe. But we determined it’s probably just a strength issue I have to work on (which really isn’t news to me). However, they were super helpful in providing a great series of exercises to do a couple times a week. So, I’ll be working that Myrtl routine into the mix now. Hopefully that’ll help me out!

Wednesday – 10 min. going through the Myrtl routine for hip/glute strengthening + 20 minutes of lower body weights and squats + 20 minutes of yoga + 30 minute walk with my dog.

fb IMG_8418

I *finally* got up in forearm stand! Wohooo!! Lots more improvements to be made, but I am so pumped I finally have the strength to hold myself up in that position.

Thursday – Unplanned rest day. Sometimes you just need some extra rest. No lie, my hamstrings feel like shredded brisket today. To make matters more humorous, I tried to foam roll my legs and then realized my arms are just about as bad haha! Poor planning on my part doing inversions + leg curls and extensions on the same day and the day before I was supposed to run, but at least I had fun yesterday! 😉 On the plus side, I got caught up with household chores!

Friday – Rest day. Still sore, but feeling a little better. 10-12 min. of going through the Myrtle routine and a whole lot of rest.

Saturday – Ran 12 miles. Chilly & windy morning run!


This was a challenging run. I thought the temperatures would bother me more since this is the coldest it’s been yet this season. It really wasn’t too bad though. With all the layers I had on, I was actually pretty comfortable. I took off my gloves toward the end for a little while. I wore my Nike Thermal Tech running gloves, TekGear fleece jacket, my new Mizuno Breathe Thermo Seamless Half-zip (courtesy of the gift card I won through Gazelle Sports), and long sleeve wicking shirt underneath it all. I always wear more layers than my mom, and probably most people haha! I’m the girl that’s cold all the time ;).


I was pretty exhausted when I finished and decided I’d just lay in the grass for a minute haha! Considering the wind, few hills I did, and my sore hamstrings, I’m a-ok with this one. I stopped back at my car at mile 6 for my Honey Stinger energy gel + some Nuun to wash it down.IMAG6785That ends week 10. Three weeks until race day! As far as weekend long runs go, I’m planning a 13.1 mile run next weekend, then my “taper” run of 8, then it’ll be RACE DAY!! 🙂


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