Weekly Workout Log – Sept. 20 – 26

This was my 9th week of half-marathon training. Instead of going up in miles for the long run, I went down due to another race weekend.

Sunday – Rest day at it’s best. Seriously the laziest day ever! The bottoms of my feet (heels) were so sore after Saturday’s 11 miler, so I basically sat on my rear for most of the day haha! Really the only active thing I did was take a short walk (20 min) with my family.

Monday –  Biked 13 miles + ran 1 mile + walked the dog for 30 minutes.


Tuesday – LAST DAY OF SUMMER! Ran 4 miles (9:46 pace) + 15 minutes of weights (still easing back into it!), walked the dog for 30 minutes.

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3 So sunny out! Not a cloud in the sky!photo 4

Wednesday – Beautiful first day of fall! 40 minutes of yoga (20 min. runners yoga video + 20 minutes working on various poses — learning that fallen angel pose is harder than it looks! I’ll post a picture when I get it — or even close to it haha.) + I walked the dog for 30 minutes. Today was supposed to be a swim day for me, but I drove around the parking lot forever and couldn’t find a spot so I went home and changed it up.


Thursday – Ran 3.1 miles (9:20 pace) + walked the dog for 30 minutes.

Friday – Rest day, but squeezed in a 30 minute walk with the dog before hopping in the car to head up to St. Ignace for a race.

Saturday – Mighty Mac 11k Bridge Run (6.8 miles). Race recap coming soon!



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