Weekly Workout Log – Sept. 13 – 19

Just completed week 8 of half-marathon training!

Sunday – Rest Day. Today was my sister’s wedding on Mackinac Island. It was a beautiful day!

Monday – Ran 3 miles. I squeezed in a quick run before getting packed up and boarding the ferry back to Mackinaw City. I absolutely love running in places I don’t get to see all the time. Variety is the spice of life! 🙂 I stopped to snap a few pics along the way.

IMG_2545 IMG_2544

IMG_20150914_115339 IMG_2547 IMG_2543

Tuesday – Biked 10.5 miles.


Wednesday – Ran 3.1 miles….HOT HOT HOT day for an afternoon run! I was planning on 4 but the heat was getting to me and I called it quits early. You win some, you lose some!


Thursday – Swam 800 yards. Quick afternoon swim followed by a 30 min. walk with my dog.

photo 2photo 1

Saw this on my walk — maples already changing color!!


Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – 11 very happy miles!! I haven’t run 11 miles since April this year, so to do it and feel as good as I did made my day! I had a little hip soreness throughout, but it wasn’t terrible. I just wanted to take it easy and go slow and steady. Well, my idea of slow and steady has certainly changed over the years. I am still in shock at how I felt doing a double digit distance run at a 10:07 pace. It’s huge victory for me in “turtle” land ;). I ran on the GVSU campus.


I’m an FSU alum, so I laughed when I saw this sign for the GVSU vs. Ferris football game that was that night. I’d like to think my presence on campus gave the Bulldogs their edge last night haha! #foreverabulldog


Now, it’s time to get race ready again! 11k Bridge Run on Saturday with my family. Have a good week!


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