Weekly Workout Log – Sept. 6 – 12

Just wrapped up week 6 of half-marathon training, which included a race on Saturday. It was pretty ‘light’ as I took an extra day off for our anniversary, but not a bad thing going light the week of a race.

Sunday – Rest day. Summer isn’t over yet! 😉 90 degrees called for a day relaxing in and by the pool!


Monday – Labor day! I biked 15 miles. My hubby hooked up the bike trailer to his mountain bike for our daughter to ride in and I got to take my new road bike out. We rode into a nearby neighborhood and I did a bunch of loops. Very much enjoying my new ride :).


Tuesday – Rest day. It was our 8th wedding anniversary and my husband took the day off work so we could spend the day together, and drop our daughter off at school for her first full day. Check out the card I found back in June when we were on Mackinac Island…love it!


Wednesday – Swam 1,500 yards + a long walk with my dog (forgot my gps so unsure of distance). She is already soaking up the one-on-one time with me now that my daughter is in school.


First time being able to swim during the afternoon hours. Loved it!! It’s always hard to head to swim in the evening after a long day (props to everyone who works out at night! I feel so lucky to have a choice), so I can already tell this is going to make it more enjoyable :). I used my new bag that came all the way from Germany. My sister, who lives there, got it for me.


Thursday – Ran 4 miles (9:20 pace) + a 2 mile walk with my dog.



She loves her walks! 🙂


Friday – Rest day.

Saturday – Ran the Mackinac Island 8 Mile race with my family! Recap coming soon!



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