The Bike Reveal!

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 7.32.14 PM

My bike had a serious makeover! This bike needed some help ;). It was considered a “unisex,” so the handlebars were way too wide for me. The stem was too long. It had nasty red cables and grip tape, the most uncomfortable saddle on the planet…..I could go on! 😉 I wanted to love this bike. I tried so hard haha! We even swapped out the stem for a shorter one but it just wasn’t enough. After I took a spill on it, my husband found me a smaller women’s specific Trek bike that we ended up buying. We knew the white frame was my “proper” size according to the bike shops, but I was terrified riding it. My confidence went up as I rode it, but it still scared me. It had potential for being perfect with some changes though. The smaller bike got me out there and made me love cycling! It even got me through my first sprint triathlon. But, I was having some pain during longer rides so I figured it was time to try the bigger frame. Cue my handy husband!

He took the good parts off my Trek and used them on the white frame to build me the most beautiful bike! We still have to add the water bottle cages, pads on the aerobar, and my bike computer, but here are a few pictures:



It felt like Christmas day seeing it all put together and getting to ride it! Feeling pretty darn lucky right now!


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