Weekly Workout Log – August 23 – 29

Week 4 of half marathon training in the books!

Sunday – Rest day

Monday – 15 miles on the bike trainer. Felt pretty good!


Tuesday – Ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill. PAIN FREE RUN!!!!! So happy :)!


Wednesday – 11 miles on the bike trainer + 20 minutes of yoga stretching. This ride will be my last ride on my Trek, at least for a while. My husband is working on getting my new bike built and using most of the parts off the Trek for it. You can kind of see the frame leaning against the wall in the yoga pic below. After we get more parts to re-build the trek, I’ll probably use it just as my indoor bike and the new one for outdoor rides (at least during the summer). We’ll see!

photo-20150826-200302 IMAG6398-1

Thursday – Ran 3.1 miles. Wasn’t supposed to run today. Was supposed to swim, but I was having a bad day and the weather outside was perfect and I knew I’d feel better after getting in a few miles. I definitely felt better!

photo 2 

I love running by this apple tree. It makes me want to get one for our property when we move! 🙂

photo 1-4

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Supposed to do my long run today, but I decided to be a fair weather runner (and avoid running 9 miles on the treadmill) and pushed it to Sunday. A run in the rain can be nice, but I just wasn’t up for it today. It’s currently down-pouring!


A few changes in the training plan, but still a good week considering my ITB seems to be doing better! Moving onto week 5 of half-marathon training.


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