New Bike Frame!


My husband surprised me last night by showing me a picture of my new bike frame. Well, technically the frame was from my first road bike but he had the pink and black graphics added to it since it was just a plain nashbar bike. It was so funny, he has been showing me pictures of all kinds of bikes and seeing what I think about them. Then he showed me this picture and asked what I thought. Of course I liked it, but it didn’t click with me that this was my frame (the red water bottle holder will be black). Totally didn’t expect it! A friend from his work did the graphics for us, and we get the frame back tomorrow.

The frame is actually an improvement from my current Trek. The Nashbar frame has a carbon fork and seat stays, and the Trek was a fully aluminum frame. Really craving an outdoor ride, so I’m hoping to get the new bike together and on the trainer to get used to it on there and then early September get it out on the paved trails. Excited to see if that takes care of that neck and shoulder discomfort!


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