Weekly Workout Log – August 16 – 22

This week was week 3 of half-marathon training. It was also a week of mostly cross-training to avoid further ITB irritation. Here’s what this week looked like:

Sunday – Rest day. I did get in a 3.1 mile walk partially with my dog around the neighborhood and the other part on some park trails.


Monday – 10 miles on the bike trainer.


Tuesday – Swam 1,100 yards. It was my first time in the pool since the triathlon. I took my sports action camera to my parents pool recently and played around with it in there since I don’t bring it to where I swim laps. Kind of a fun toy! 🙂

photo 3-20150817-205445

Wednesday – Biked 8 miles on the bike trainer. Was planning on going longer, but I think I had the resistance up to high because my knee was not happy.


Thursday – Didn’t make it out to the outdoor yoga event I was planning on due to weather, but did get in 45 minutes of yoga at home. I tried some different videos on You Tube.IMG_20150820_200842

Friday – Rest day!

Saturday – 8 mile run in Grand Haven. I was so happy during this run! I had a blast taking pictures along the way, so here’s a big photo bomb ;). There was so much to look at to keep me distracted. I stopped and stretched a few times, and my ITB didn’t really bother me during the run (except for the first mile or so). The pier was closed, which was a bummer, but I ran down the boardwalk as far as I could.photo 1photo 5

Then into town a bit and back down along the marina and past the farmers market. I had to stop at the fun mural :).

photo 2

I saw some yummy stuff at the market so I ended up stopping back after my run to buy the most delicious and beautiful heirloom tomatoes — pretty even sliced! This one didn’t make it past lunch before being devoured ;).


I didn’t buy the Dahlia flowers, but it was tempting! They were so beautiful!

photo 3

Overall, I felt pretty good. I’m going to take it easy again for this next week. I might try to get a short run in during the week depending on how I’m feeling. If it’s bothering me, I’ll just skip it and go with cross-training until Saturday’s long run like I did this week. Moving onto week 4 of half-marathon training!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Log – August 16 – 22

    • It was a fun one! I loved that mural. I started looking for a mural when I was running because I knew there was one down one of the side streets and ended up finding this one which was way better than the original one I knew of haha! So much fun exploring! The best part is the only thing that is sore today is my hamstrings (which are pretty much always tight). #winning 🙂


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