Weekly Workout Log – August 9 – 15 + IT Band Issues


Week 2 of half-marathon training is wrapped up. Here’s a look at what the week was like:

Sunday – Rest day. Our daughter spent some quality time with ‘Nana & Bapa’ while my husband and I had a meeting to design our kitchen for our new house. So much fun! We went out to eat at Chipotle (the best!) after and stopped out at the mall to get my husband something to wear for my sisters wedding that is coming up quick! More on the wedding another day (I promise it’s running related!) :).

Monday – 4 treadmill miles for this half-marathon training. Monday will be my “easy” paced run day. I always want to push it for shorter runs but know there is value in taking it easy for a day during the week, especially with some longer and more intense workouts in the mix.


Tuesday – 11 miles on the bike trainer.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.44.21 PM

Wednesday – 3.1 mile afternoon run (9:17 pace). It was beautiful today!! The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot and the humidity level was less than it’s been. It was perfect and felt great! Putting my legs in the pool post-run is the best part about running near my parents house! haha

photo 1-4 IMAG6286

Thursday – Rest Day…Planned to get back in the pool today but didn’t make it there. Busy day selling stuff at a garage sale + my husband’s company picnic in the evening.

Friday – Planned a rest day, but since I didn’t make it to swim yesterday and the pool wasn’t open today I got in 30 minutes of yoga in my backyard in the evening. It was pretty dang close to a hot yoga studio out there haha!

photo yoga

Saturday  I got out early enough that the heat wasn’t an issue (although humidity was at 98%!). I enjoyed a 7 mile run (9:54 pace) around a university campus before heading to a baby shower. It was fun exploring and not really knowing where any of the roads and paths lead to. My right knee (my problem knee) was giving me some problems mile 4-7, but it wasn’t too terrible. I made sure I spent some time stretching and icing later in the day. This time it isn’t bursa inflammation, it’s my IT band. I’m starting to wonder if it was just all the concrete sidewalks I ran on. I’m usually on the roads or trails that aren’t as hard. Some stretching/icing and some time off should help it though. I don’t want to do less running since the half is my current focus, but will probably have to focus on cross training while it heals and just do my weekend long run. I was trying to think back to what I did in the past, and I know I did take some time off. We’ll see how it goes…

photo 2 photo 5

Fingers crossed my knee/IT band feels better so I can continue on.

Anyone else deal with IT band issues? My first experience with it was in college when I wasn’t running regularly. And although it’s a very common running injury, I actually got it from walking (fast). At the time I was walking from one building where an english class was all the way to the business building and was always power walking there to make it in time. I ended up with an inflamed IT band from my speed walking! I remember going to the health center and explaining the awful knee pain I had and the doc pushed on my hip and I screamed haha! Yup, definitely IT band inflammation. I felt it more in my knee, but my hip was so sore if you put any pressure on it. It’s one of those pesky injuries that often come back if you’ve had it before.

Update: After thinking more about this, I thought I’d see if anyone else needs/wears a 2E neutral running shoe? What shoe do you use for running? Other than running on concrete, my shoes are another reason this could have come back (besides weak hips/glutes). I’m supposed to be in a neutral shoe and I mostly use Brooks Adrenaline’s (which are Stability). Not by choice. I need a 2E width shoe and there are only a handful of running shoe companies that make a 2E neutral shoe. What’s worse is I can’t try shoes on in running stores because nobody stocks a 2E. So when I go in to look at new shoes, I’m trying on the widest width they have and they don’t feel right so it’s hard to tell if it’s just because the width isn’t right or they just aren’t the right shoe for me. So I’ve just gone with the Adrenaline’s because I’ve been using them forever and I know they feel comfortable. Maybe this was the wakeup call I needed to actually special order a 2E neutral shoe to try. I have a pair of Nike’s that are neutral, but not wide enough. I can stand them for shorter runs, but my feet go numb / tingly after a few miles because they’re too narrow. I like them for the short runs but other than the numbness, they just don’t have enough cushioning for a long run. I’m looking for shoe suggestions! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Log – August 9 – 15 + IT Band Issues

  1. IT band issues are annoying to treat…rest is the only cure, but rolling and ice can help relieve symptoms. You have to prevent the issue on the front end…strengthening your hips and glutes will help prevent ITB issues in the future!

    Nice job on your week!


    • Thanks, Ali! Yes, I’m afraid I’m going to have to skip running (mostly) while it heals. I thought I’d back down on the cross for a while, but I know it’s the running that makes it worse. So probably just the long run on the weekend until it feels better. Pretty sure that’s what I did last time. Yes, I’ve read a lot about ITB issues and have done all kinds of “hip strengthening” exercises, but it just falls off my radar (like most people I’m sure). No big deal though, I’ll be back at it 🙂


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